Kidbrooke Village

My girlfriend has just moved in here, but doesn’t get a parking space with her flat. Looking around, there’s nowhere to park a motorbike. Parking on the street outside the David Lloyd gym looks a bit iffy, so wondering if anyone has a bit of a parking bay they want to rent? Also, I have heard that a couple of bikes have already been stolen from the secure parking areas - does anyone here live there, have any suggestions please? Thanks, N

Get an Almax chain from .

Used to call that place Beirute, but I think that was  an insult to Beirut

Sorry I know that offfers you no help at all

Get a new girlfriend?:smirk:


Possibly best not to advertise the exact location of your girlfriends bike…

I don’t think London’s bike thieves will be scouring the internet for vague references to places where an unknown make of bike may or may not be parked.

Beirut was demolished the Village is a Yuppie retreat, albeit a bit clinically clean for my tastes

Would avoid gym area as the scrotes on scooters will be casing them. Is there a manned office/security area you can chain it near?

Be warned Greenwich provide ample parking for bikes even use of restricted bays if you park back wheel in (check website) so any pavement parking on council land will get you ticketed.

Hi there, any luck in finding the parking space? I’m currently looking as well, but no luck so far. Some people around the development rent their parking spaces within these locked car parks but these go for £100+ per month and that seems a bit steep just to park your bike. 

Have you talked to Greenwich council I believe that they are the local council? I live on a council estate chain my bike to a railing on council land, I have other security as well. Some councils have garages to rent cheaper than the market rate.if you get the brush off you could try getting the newspapers involved pointing out that the council don’t seem to care about helping reduce crime by supplying safe Motorcycle and scooter parking. Or something along those lines. There are about 300,000 PTW around London so going political on them is also an option.
Hope it works out