Been invited to join a bunch of other well past their prime suspects for a few hours at KG5 (sometimes KGV) in docklands in mid January. As a bit of added spice, one is bringing his 3 kids aged 12 to 25 along with him and an ex Paris Dakar rider is joining us.

So scene set for me making a complete ar*e of myself. (It’s 40 odd years since I last rode dirt) and it’s bound to end with bruises. If only to the ego I’ll have been lucky.

Apart from “Don’t do it!”, any other tips that might give me any sort of edge?

Hahahaha. “Riding dirt” sounds good. Is it advisable for the mature rider? :smiley:

iv wanted to go to kg5 for a wile now just keep being skint when they do there open dates lol

just take it easy really and dont attempt anything if you think youll come off as you most likely will think i can do it i can do it and give it ago haha

Sounds like something only Westie would do. :blink:

if in doubt, flat out