Keyless cap

Why on earth would you have a keyless petrol cap in London?! I saw two today. Asking for trouble no?

I used to run race caps on my sports bikes. I never had a problem, but then I wouldn’t leave them out in the open (after the last one went missing).

It’s all part of the fetish for “race” components some people have.

^ he knows, he knows…

Only have them on my race bikes… Wouldn’t dare on a road bike.

They are standard issue for Bonnies.

I’ve always thought it was a bit mad.

Puzzled me why Triumph didn’t fit locking caps to the Bonne’. Then I saw how much they were asking for to upgrade to the lockable jobbie which many Bonne’ owners opt for. A nice little earner as Del Boy would say vs trying to keep the original 1960’s look as Triumph would have us believe, you decide.

BTW never had any issues with the fuel fuel or unwanted additives on any of my three Bonne’s