Kevlar jeans?

Interesting article on another site on a destruction test on Kevlar jeans. Not too scientific it must be said…but an interesting comparison in performance nonetheless…

Very Interesting.

Its a real eye opener watching the Video, but to be fair on the Aldi jeans its not an exact science tumbling them behind a go kart, there is no consistency between the test as one pair of jeans could have been one way up more than the others, and thats why the jean was more damaged on one side than the other pair. to get a proper comparision you need proper test facilities.

But still, not sure i would wear Aldi Jeans after seeing that test.

I think the general point’s made. You get what you pay for.


Is there a relevant safety/BS standard motorcycle kevlar jeans have to pass to be sold in the EU/UK?

If so then both pairs must have passed it to be sold in the EU/UK… :satisfied:

There is some more info on the safety standards on the bull-it website.

As the author says, it’s not exactly scientific. However, there probably isn’t a long queue of volunteers willing to put a pair on and towed behind the go-kart! A more general point is that protection has to be in the right place, and stay in place, to be effective.

Does a motorcycle accident last 20 laps of a gokart circuit?

It’s not my experiment and not, perhaps, how I might have done it!

as far as i am aware there is not a test for jeans they all usually just make them up for themselfs

Bull It is the worst for it they will throw figure and test charts at you to inspire confidence saying they best on market but if you actually look abit deeper into the test they carry out they come on top as was against no one else just them…

i personally use Icon Jeans and decent armour but i do a different style of riding to most and use icon more for flexibility when jumping around the bike