Kevlar Jeans

I like riding in comfortable gear and textiles I cant stand! I hate the duvet lining, makes me sweat like a pregnant nun!
When you remove it, it’s as thin as latex glove… (bit exaggerated here)

I don’t wear leathers, still trying to find a two piece I like for the right price!

I wear jeans during my commute with a textile jacket.

I use to have some kevlar jeans which had no amour, then within 2 weeks they didn’t kit due to me bulking up :lol:

I would ideally like some stretchable jeans/comfortable with amour…

Do any of you guys wear or recommend any? LET ME KNOW!!

I have bought several pairs of Bull-It Covec jeans- the Laser 4 ones.
They are supposed to be longer lasting than kevlar and they look more like regular jeans than a lot of brands.

You have to buy hip and knee protection separately for them though.

I think Spidi used to do jeans with stretch panels, motolegend used to stock em, not sure if they still do though.

I wear draggin jeans and Icon when can get them been off in both with no issues
Hard wearing and comfortable
But get some decent armour to wear underneath chainreactioncycles are doing a deal on some SixSixOne shin and knee armour ATM good stuff

Personally would not trust bull it jeans the owner is abit of a penis and throws out supposid facts making he’s jeans sound the best but in relatity is making it all up guys a joke

My Rev’it textiles have a removable duvet. So just left with the outer and armour.

I also have a pair of draggin and sartso jeans, you’ll need to add a secondary zip on the waste if you want to connect them to a jacket - like this

I think my old jeans where dragging jeans… I didn’t like them. Too tight and uncomfortable…

I like the idea of stretchable panels. I will look into this… Anyone bought Rhok jeans? They seem to be a big hit from youtube loggers etc

I have Hood Jeans …they have been great and I have no complaints

I have some Sartso jeans, one of the best on the market in terms of kevlar protection.

The cut might suit some, but they are too baggy for me, and too long, so I don’t wear them much…also the armor isn’t great either (annoying and will move about, but this is a common problem in lots of jeans).

Sartso all the way. I’ve got their Blue Wave jeans. Nice long leg on them & the fit is like the ‘worker’ style jeans (i.e. loose fitting on the leg unlike a lot of Kevlar jeans which just look naff… you might as well go all Village People and buy some tight back leather trousers). Because of the loose fit in the leg, the armour won’t sit tightly in place, but it’s a trade off between style and close fit armour. Very well made jeans and well protected otherwise. I own no other textile or leather trousers for the bike. These Sartos could be worn on a night out and no-one would know they were bike jeans. :cool:

Kevlar Jeans are great until you have a proper off, Armour often isn’t snug enough like with leathers or well fitting textiles and will move, abrasion resistance is good, if your on the kevlar part, but it wont take the battering its claimed it will, kevlar is also very grippy…hence you don’t see it on many leather suits.

if you find textiles too warm, try Gore Tex, cant go wrong, expensive yes, but it lasts and does exactly what it should- be waterproof and breathable.

round town they are best used, i use Red Route knee+ hip armour, Sartso are also good, but don’t come with Armour like the Red Routes, tho they do have pockets for it.

Regarding fitting, i know Draggin and Sartso make various different styles/fitting jeans and maybe for armour wear the fitted armour such as these:

What a coincidence! Just today I bought a pair of Draggin Slix for the missus. :slight_smile:
They’re lined with kevlar + dyneema, apparently the strongest fiber in the world.
Indeed they look cool, the most femminine looking ones (after months and months of research :doze:)

I wear John Doe Kamikaze. They’re water-repellent and I must say they actually cope really well with the rain during my 40 min commute. They’re also quite warm (but not sweaty at all) and the kevlar lining is extended till the end of the leg.

Aussie Biker Gear kevlar jeans are about £40 so not too much if you soon diet out of them and they come with knee and hip armour.

Got mine in Aldi for £30… they fit nicely and are comfortable. Came with Knox CE knee armour. I can change it for my hiprotec HG armour + pockets for hip armour as well.