Kevlar Jeans - Compare and contrast - Sartso Killers Vs Draggin Bikers

St Paddy’s day was my birthday and I got pretty trolleyed after getting home from work with mates. That’s where the problem started. It’s pretty bad when you know payday is coming up and you have a clean credit card with nothing against it!

So I went shopping… but as a result, I can give you a comparison of Old Vs New

Again, my reviews WILL get a lot of stick from people who normally think:
“you’re stupid for spending silly money on this that or the other” or “tart”… so thank you ;):smiley: , it only enhances my smugness!

The subject I’m going to talk about is KEVLAR JEANS

So why bother with kevlar jeans?

First and foremost, protection. Aramid to give it its proper name is highly abrasion resistant, so if you fall on your arse and happen to be sliding down the road, it’ll be there to save a skin graft. I remember how much 20mph spills on the scooter felt on normal jeans! 2-5 seconds were all it took for my skin to graze away.

Secondly if you like riding in jeans on a sportsbike, I’ve gone through SO many guch rips on some expensive pairs of jeans to think there must be a better option.

Thirdly, you often want to arrive at your destination not looking like dayglo derek or the gimp from next door and want to have an air of inconspicuousness to you.

If you’re a stunter, then great, they’ll be right up your street!

Click HERE IF you want to see the in-depth video review and here me chat like a stoner

So, I give you my two jeans


Both I purchased for approximately £130.
I’ve had the Sartsos for approximately a weekend now - but have already seen 400 miles of use. I’ve had the Draggins for 9 months, approximately 3000 miles on them.

The retailer (Onyerbike/Ducati Aylesbury) was very helpful in getting me sized and kitted up with the jeans and there was plenty of choice…Furygan, Draggin, Sartso. It’s interesting how they stopped stocking red route (were they not a Frank Thomas brand?). They also said that the guy who makes Sartso is related to the folk who established Draggin. Suffice to say, at the end, after sitting on my bike with the rest of my kit on, the Sartsos were the ones to go for.

I’ll try to summarise what I have said in the video but a picture tells a thousand words and from the images, you can see how different the fit is.


The Draggin is a traditional low rise cut. This is where the problem is for me. The belt sits right on my waist and if you lean forward, unless you’re wearing another t-shirt that’s tucked in, the wind can go down your back.

Secondly, the flaring at the hems is not large enough to facilitate an alpinestars SMX-Plus boot! If you have large calves like me, it might be a bit of a squeeze.

Thirdly, the material is a stretchy denim. I’m getting pretty bulky recently and i find that it’s pretty tight around my thighs. The lining material is a mix of dyaneema and kevlar and does not feel as smooth as the kevlar only lining on the sartsos.

Fourthly, the liner coverage is NOWHERE near as vast as the sartsos. It leaves your upper thigh exposed, the back of your knee exposed, and there is no provision for armour.

Lastly, the jeans developed a rip just below where the liner stops. This wasn’t regarded as a design/manufacturing fault so I was pretty upset that they wouldn’t stitch it up for me! More details on the video.


The sartsos are more of a straight cut. Typical baggy style jean that’s a bit long in the leg - 32" x 32" I believe but it feels so comfortable when on the bike. With boots or with trainers, it doesn’t bunch up around your shin/ankles like I expected it to.

There is liner coverage on your thighs, backs of knees, pockets and has a mesh pocket for armour… which is also lined with kevlar.

The designs vary from plain to contemporary. It certainly didn’t look out of place in the electric ball room on friday!


Considering that I pretty much wear these jeans whenever I head down to London on the bike and do everything with them (on a day to day basis or out clubbing - hardcore dancing/moshing etc), both jeans are very comfortable off the bike. I was disappointed as to poorly the draggin fabric came apart and their after support. I rectified the rip myself, but it’s not ideal. The Sartsos are so new that I won’t be able to give you as thorough a review of it. So far I have been impressed.

So to summarise, if you were to spend £130 on a pair of kevlar jeans… Head over to any stockist and get the sartsos!

Just a heads up, Alex @ Technomoto stocks these so head on over there. To be fair, I was sold on Sartsos when he mentioned them to me a while back. I would have bought it from anywhere to be honest but Onyerbike was literally on my way to london. My draggins were getting a bit wet from the downpour and I simply didn’t have a clean dry pair of jeans to carry on riding with or change into (bearing in mind I was heading to SIN CITY @ the Electric Ballroom). The other alternative was to head back to Bicester Village outlet and get a pair of denims from there, but that defeats the purpose of me buying kevlar jeans!

Appreciate the review even if it was from a little while back. Got a pair of Draggins but like yourself not overly impressed with them, I shall be on the lookout for some Sartsos next time I need a pair of kevlar jeans.

Looked at Draggin and a few other brands of kevlar jeans, but in the end I bought - and have been very happy with Sartso jeans.

Quick update,

I had a stupid spill on the way to work this time last week. The blade has a bit of gravel rash, but thanks to my R&G’s, it spared me a lot of damage (potentally holed clutch cover and damaged fairing).

Front end folded whilst braking, presumably over a greasy white line. 30mph drop, went down the road about 20 ft or so and the jeans came out totally undamaged. I got a bit of bruising from the initial impact but everything seemed fine. Checked inside the thighs and not a hint of abrasion or penetration. It’s hard to tell with the stone wash, but after putting it in the wash, it came out clean as a whistle. I’m impressed.

I’m going to try a set of Hood jeans next, but I think that 2 kevlar jeans is plenty.

To be fair, sometimes, I go a whole month without washing my Sartsos. Or when I do wash them, the moment they’re try, I put them back on and chuck my draggins in the wash or back in the wardrobe!

You were lucky, exactly how and why did you fall off? Only interested as my PHD paper is a review of cause and psychological effects of low speed motorcycle, tarmac interfaces.

I’m just about to order a pair of Hoods, as they seem to be the only ones that come in a 36" inside leg.
Both the Sartsos’ and Draggins only come in 34" leg.

Any other brands worth a look before i do?

good threads m8, was looking at buying some draggin jeans etc but saw the sartso’s inm hein gericke so was gonna look at them.

1 thing, can you adjust length of leg? some of us are nottoo gifted in the height dep, lol


To be honest, I cannot remember how I fell off precisely.

The sequence of events went like this

  1. Fired bike up and drove off from my flat - bike fast idles until it reaches temperature

  2. I’ve negociated a slight bend as I approach the roundabout near my house with the front brake trailing. I usually know how much to apply even on cold-ish tyres. Bearing in mind the bike is virtually vertical

  3. Went past a pedestrian crossing on the way to the stop/give way line and down I went

  4. scans the road surface and there was NO sign of oil, gravel or dampness. It hadn’t been raining the night before either!

But I pre-empted it however. The previous days I was saying to other bikers at work how I wasn’t happy with my riding - I’ve been taking the piss too often on the roads and riding very aggressively. I actually said to my boss “I’m pretty much an accident waiting to happen!”

This spill was a bit of a wake up call so I was fortunate that I only needed a new brake pedal! (farings were plastic welded using ABS to fill in any holes and scuffs and then stickered over!)

But what I take from it is that the gear worked as it should have done!

I too have a pair of Sartso jeans and i love them. Nice fit and comfy as well. Not had the mispleasure of trying them out yet on the tarmac :hehe:

If you like love to wear jeans especially now the weather is getting warmer then i would highly recommend the Sartso’s and if you want to go the whole 9 yards then you can purchase inserts for extra protection.

I also suffer from >34" inside leg so these Hood jeans look ideal, do you know what the fit is like tho stretchbev (as in like, ‘skinny’, ‘loose’, etc)? I’m a bit of a lump and have a lot of touble getting jeans that fit, let alone kevlar ones, ideally I’d like to try jeans on before buying, but this outfit look like they only sell direct and have no retail stockists.

+1 If Sartos are good enough for pro stunt riders, thats good enough for me!

I’ve got a pair of hoods and they are the only ones that seem to come with the entire length of the leg lined with Aramid from waist to knee. Also the fact they come with Knox inserts for less than what most jeans cost without them, is quite good for these recession times…

The only thing wrong with them is there cut is no where near as good as a normal pair of jeans. They’re just straight so no curves and look and feel a bit like something out of the 80s… I don’t think they’re for the fashion conscious :smiley: