kent ride pics

after last weeks ride when panda blew out we tackled kent again, well what a day some great lanes, met up with a few trail riders and one dude on a trials bike. think everyone lasted the day part from me having a tumble in the sinking mud:eek: very warm though, had lunch at a lovely windmill. all in all a great day i reckon il do them again as had a larf:D newsh had a lay down half way through a lake:eek: and by end of day we werent waiting for panda too long lol…

looks fun mate:) the pic of the 525 in the mud looks cool


i was in the garage all day putting that virago motor back together…

does look nice down there mate, next time!!

Oooooow, looks like fun :slight_smile: where abouts did you go? Bought my self a little trail bike (ttr250) a few weeks ago as a little project that will be going in for a mot this week. Cant wait to go get it muddy :slight_smile:

a few enduro boys we met said it gets well hairy down there, they laughed there pants off when i came down the hardcore bit on me moto lol was well bad got stuck loads and had an off as me wheel rutted:w00t: great day, they were new lanes we found near my shop adz, great day out and not to far for you lot either as much nearer then surrey. anyones welcome we ride nearly every weekend so if anyone wants to play (specially wasp and puffgirl):wink: pm me:P:P

You lucky gits! those lanes look wicked…i also spent the day in the garage took the alarm off the hornet and stripped the wheels and gonna strip the front end of this week get all that wiring tidied up and then start putting her back together woohoo…then im there wiv ya Lee…cannot wait to come play in the mud pmsl:P

dirty fecker lol i got the speedos and baby oil ready:P