Kenny Roberts gets back on the Yamaha TZ750.

Nice vid

That TZ looks like a really vicious bike. :cool:

130 BHP delivered within a narrow race 2-stroke powerband to a skinny tyre & no front brakes… :w00t:

In order to make it more ridable in later races Kel Carruthers wired in a cut out switch so that Roberts could cut the spark to one of the cylinders going into a turn & switch it back on for full power again on the way out.

Bit different to all the traction control stuff found on race bikes these days…

F*cking hell! Strictly for experts and racing gods. :cool:Incredible watching Kenny Roberts getting on that thing and riding so fluently after saying he hasn’t been on a bike for a year! The guy spends all his time running his bike race business and yet he can get on something as mental as the TZ750 after 34 years and still do the business - even if it was ‘just’ a demo.

I had a poster of the very same “Tee-Zee” on my wall as a kid:D

KR Snr. has some serious cajones inside them leathers…lol:D

Takes me back, love the sound of them things !

Shame you don’t get the smell though;):cool:

great vid, thanks for posting that, my kinda tele!!

What an era of racing, he truely was one of the greats…


that thing sounds EVIL!:w00t:

NO ENGINE BRAKING! or front brake!?..bow to king kenny:cool: