Ken Livingstone exMP

Serious question. Does anyone have a contact address for Ken Livingstone ex Lab MP. I’m currently involved in a campaign to stop our local councils plan to demolish 600, occupied, homes in order to build 800 within the same area. With his connections with the GLC, Mr Livingstone may be able to help us with a technicality. Please PM details if know. Cheers.

You can send Ken a message HERE - make sure to keep it clean :slight_smile:

@ken4london on Twitter.

Cheers guys :slight_smile:

Don’t forget he wanted bikers kept out of bus lanes before Boris got elected…:ermm:

Not that makes any difference to your campaign of course.

Driving around London I see plenty of mopeds/scooters/motorbikes not using various tfl bus lanes and continuing to filter through the other lanes - why?

Its not heaven on earth and doesn’t suit everyone, lots of bus lanes in rubbish condition, during rush hour bus lanes have traffic too (buses/cyclists/pedestrians using the bus lane as a pavement overtaking lane)…

EDIT: With the Addi$on Lee mini-cabs in bus lane appeal case still pending - if the court of appeal has a ‘moment’ then that’ll be bus lanes fecked.

Well at least we have the CHOICE now. See plenty of bikers use them every day. Personally it makes my journey much easier. Anyway, going off topic a bit…