Keis X4 heated vests £50

I just bough this (discontinued) Keis X4 heated vest from the site Motohaus using the discount code’ MCN50’. This is half price for the vest inc VAT, plus about £7 delivery. You then have the choice of adding a heat controller, buying a simple switch or making one up yourself.

Might be a good buy for the British summer! :hehe:

Update- vest arrived yesterday, they sent me the newer X6 version too which also has power feeds for gloves and insoles. It gets nice and warm, only heats chest and lower back but then again it was only £50. Recommended.

They did? Wow. That’s one hell of a deal then…

How are the sizes on these? Loose fitting or tight?

Need to think about it as I haven’t tried one on ever…

they’re shite, dont bother…


I went very tight to go under leathers and have contact with all the heating pads.

Conrad, what’s shite and is this relative to other more expensive ones? You get nothing for free in this world, but I have used it and think its great.