Keep London's Language alive....

whats all this ‘bredrin’ palava…so…after the sooty and sweep…i went to the rubba dub for a pair of brittny’s;)…

Really tho…whats happening to the London accent…seems to me like its being taken over by something alien…

i just dont get it…blood


… this were all fields when I were a lad?

:PIn all seriousness - language is an ever changing medium - and like it or not - parlance from the days of yore is ebbing … innit blud

I was always surprised when people said stuff like “jokes” and “bruv”, I thought “jokes” sounded really crap at first. Like as in " that’s well jokes bruv ".

i don’t care too much, I don’t keep to any trend bredrin’.

don’t dunk on the yoot fams - else they scream you sideways :wink:

i know what you mean , its strange and difficult to understand, especially for someone like me who doesn’t have an accent !!!:cool:

Curious that. I don’t have an accent either.

Sort of with you on this one smiled , I hate it too. But then I also hate the fake cockney stuff.

Like someone said, the English language is a living thing, so you just have to go with the flow .

See what I mean? My Dad would have taken a moment to understand that phrase and he was good with words.

cough ****** cough


nuffink wrong wiv a bit of jafaican :wink: innitttt :smiley:

agree that language is a ‘living thing’ and it involves - think about ‘goodbye’ - it was formerly God be with you ie all greetings once had religious connections

so what was Hello?

when you so someone you didnt like:

Hell, o h here he comes! :smiley:

Nope actually down to Alexander Graham Bell.

ha ha good one…like “godspeed”…then…“laters” …now !! :wink:

Changes in language are evidence of life and vitality - if the London accent remained static - frozen in some kind of cockney music hall patter circa 1926 then it could be described as fossilised - or in other words dead.I don’t like the way a lot of the kids talk either - personally I think that for a lot of them it’s a fake accent they will grow out of - they only put it on because they think they might be mistaken for a gangster :stuck_out_tongue: - although the accent/slang/patois is authentic for the genuine inner-city hard core feral types - and reminds me of the slang devised by Anthony Burgess for his novel ‘A Clockwork Orange’ (‘Clockwork Orange’ comes itself from the cockney expression ‘as queer as a clockwork orange’).

As for alien influences (to my mind alien is a very pejorative word in this context and sounds like something out of a BNP leaflet) - English - like a lot of other languages - uses a lot of foreign loan words from other languages to describe things it has no native word for - over time these loan words lose their ‘foreigness’ and become inseparable from the language - for example - the word Admiral is ultimately arabic in origin and means in arabic ‘commander of the seas’, and, in a nice bit of circularity :hehe: the novel ‘A Clockwork Orange’ itself contains an arabic loan word in its title - as the word ‘Orange’ is derived from the arabic word naranj.

But yeah, - the London working class accent is probably my favourite accent. :slight_smile: