kawasaki zxr1200r

Have been looking over a Kawasaki zxr 1200r in very good condition . Would anyone now the MPG on these ? Thanks in advance . John.

did you mean zrx?

Yep , trust me to put zxr…your right i meant zrx…:slight_smile:

Well i’ve done it now …i bought it , pick it up saturday morning .:D:w00t:

lol, there good bikes m8, not the best on fuel but not worse, lol.

thanks choprocker , my varadero 1000cc was heavey on the fuel and top heavey to . Was looking for something where i could get both my feet on the ground when i stop and with a bit more go . Found this frx1200r one owner , 03 , 6000 miles , in emaculate condition and could not resist . Thanks for the reply choprocker , safe riding. John .:wink: