Kawasaki ZX9R-E1 2000 Model for Sale

So I’ve finally decided to sell my pride and joy. :crying: Posted on ebay here:


Looking for £1450 ONO , some details:

The bike is completly standard with the exception of the below additions:

Givi Rack (note top box not included in sale)
Scott Oiler
Datatool Alarm/Immobiliser

It’s been recently serviced and is not due another for at least another 3000 miles

Since the picture, both front disks and pads have recently been replaced, and the rear brake pads have less than 100 miles use on them.

Both wheels have been shot blasted and powder coated (black) and are in pristine condition.

Both tyres are still in good condition and have only seen 2800 miles use, they should be good for another 4000 miles.

Now the not so good bits:

99850 Miles
Left hand side fairing is cracked from being dropped whilst stopped.
Rear fairing (behind the seat by the grab handles) is cracked on both sides.
Pillion seat has a small tear in it (about 1cm in length)
Fuel tank has a mark and is stained by fuel overflow.

Sold to some Polish geezer to be exported to… Poland.Nice guy, paid cash… all done is a week, amazing :w00t: