Kawasaki zx6r sounds and runs like sh1t HELP!

Changed the engine recently just had it running in the yard and all seemed well. . . Until yesterday rode it for 1 mile and it sounds awful under load poor acceleration. Anyone with experience on the can lend a hand like ride it and give your opinion no stoppies or wheelies etc just someone who can tell me whats wrong with the thing!
Cheers Steve

So i take it i am the only owner of a ZX6R on here huh :frowning:

Ask Matt or Alex, they`re both nobbers.:smiley:

At the risk of sounding stupid whats one of them?

Matt’s got a 7R (although would be more help as he knows what he’s doing AND his bike is carbed), I have an injected 6R

What, a Matt, an Alex or a Nobber?

Now you are sounding stupid.:slight_smile:

Aha well there was a reason why i put this word Nobber in bold and underlined :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers Alex would that be as in Westie ? ? ? i have no idea. I am going to take the ZX6R out tomorrow only up High Bitch just to see if it goes (((BANG))) lol so if any of you are going and can take a look i’d appreciate it

Matt’s username (these days) is ‘matt’, he works at OMC…

I’d look at carbs and air intakes but that’d be an un-educated guess.

I doubt it would make it as far as the Oval. I only went a mile and came home coz it sounded awful but come to think of it . . . it did sound kinda like the mrs . . . was sucking real hard pmsl
Also as the loom was burnt at the plug in for the alternator i put a multi meter across it and with the engine running output was 14.4 volts with a little fluctuation so i think thats ok ? ? ?

Glad I put you on the right track.:stuck_out_tongue:

You are a mine of information so glad you dropped by jets thank you :stuck_out_tongue:
If you over High Bitch tomorrow look out for us and my Triumph i owe you
a cuppa :wink:

You haven’t really given us much info to go on.

Does it idle OK? Is the throttle responsive in neutral or do you only have this problem on the move? Where does this sound come from? What does it sound like?

Ah i see yes the engine starts fine on half choke and once warmed idles well.
In neutral throttle response is fair but not what i would expect from a sports bike. As i have only heard the noise on the move its hard to say where its coming from. Wish i knew lol to me it feels like its not running properly on all four under load.
Cheers Steve

Has it been laid up in storage? Was this a sudden development?

It could be as simple as a pinched vacuum tube, or blocked air intake, or it could be muck in your carb jets…

maybe it knows you like triples so its helpfully running on 3 cylinders? :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah :unsure:… so change your plugs while you’re at it, and show us some photos, decent ones, of the old spark heads.

I thought i said first post **oops me bad forgot ** it had a full service even the fuel filter was replaced :frowning: We are talking a couple weeks max from fitting the engine to riding it not months or years and all service items replaced! You want me to video the thing running and link a post to you tube ? ? ?
Cheers Steve

‘full service’ = carbs stripped and cleaned?

Not a complete strip just float bowls off de gunged jets out and cleaned mains and pilots float valves removed and cleaned. winns carb cleaner used in the chambers/sliders to remove fuel residue and tar. Think that covers it lol