Kawasaki ZX6R Ninja G2 Mot and tax 20k miles

Here for sale is my beautiful Ninja see photo :slight_smile: she is a cracker of a bike.
Recent service new brakes all round “pads only” new chain and sprockets , Nice sticky tires black double bubble screen . Has Micron end can sounds the nuts. I am only selling this as i need another car :frowning: Kids huh! If your looking for a mint bike then this one is NOT for you the image makes it look incredible. Its in good shape for its age though.
Those that have seen this bike will agree she is nice :wink:
Want £1500 for it .
Will take more pix and upload later. Any questions just ask…

Edited due to a slightly misleading statement “thanks Conrad” i stated new brakes all round but its pads only!



‘New brakes all round’

Is this just pads? Or pads, discs, pistons, seals, hoses etc… ?

Thank you for your question
That would be brake pads all round both sets on the front and the set on the rear.

Nice bikes these…

Good luck with the sale! :slight_smile:

Thank you i like it to but i need a car more rite now so i have 2 choices sell this or sell the kids but i think 1 the wife wouldn’t like it and 2 pretty sure its illegal lol

I’ve seen this in the flesh and whoever buys this will not be disappointed. A lot of love, care and attention has been put into this by the very able and nit-picky Steve.

The bits I like are; the mirror polished frame (done with a lot of elbow grease and polish), that can (although Steve knows I’d cut it down quite a bit :P) and the tinted screen really goes well with the fairings especially in the dark.

What year is the bike?? Any service history?? MOT & Tax??

Its a G2 Ninja so I’d expect it to be a 1999 (give or take a year). 20K on the clock and has tax and MOT, as mention in the title.

sorry i meant to add length of tax and MOT.:Whistling:

Here is the add i have running on Scumtree with more pix :wink:
Tax runs till September and i think mot is the same BUT will re mot before sold! So the buyer will have 13 months mot :wink:
Cheers Steve

I do need to sell this so if any LB’er wants it gimme £1300 and its yours . . .

well worth the pennies…good luck with the sale

That’s A LOT of bike for £1300…

Come on guys, surely someone’s in the market for a ninja?

Bloody bargain!

I cant go any lower on this price it really is the bottom line. If i cant sell it for that i’ll keep it and go buy a car on finance as much as i hate that idea!
If the weather aint pants Wednesday i will be goin Oakdene on this or on the VFR whatever i get more interest in lol
Cheers Steve

flipping heck, £1300? I’d snap this up in a second

I’ve posted this link on another forum I’m part of, it would make a great track bike. If I had somewhere to put it I would take it myself.

Right through other media including BaceFook i have a few people interested interested so this will be going to the Oakdene and Blackheath tomorrow weather permitting.

Come tomorrow night if this is still unsold it will be removed!

£1300! :w00t:

if i hadn’t just bought a fazer i might have gone for this!

Lol thats a shame but the Fazer is a good bike anyway so its not all but. . . . Amazing what you can find if you shop around lol :wink: