Kawasaki ZX6R Ninja BH1 636 2004

Ninja 636 2004 10 months MOT and Taxed. Meta tag alarm, data tagged bike.

Perfect working order mechanically sound but cosmetic damage to right side panel after leaning over too far on a round about. It went down very gently and slid into the curb where is smashed a chunk out of the fairing. I was wearing jeans and didn’t get a mark on them, that’s how gentle it was. I have been riding it ever since this incident and love riding it, I actually rode an R1 for years before buying this, easily the best in the 600 class that I have ridden that is why i bought it!

£2650 £2500
However I need a van asap and will sell or swap for a 2004 onwards van

I know I’m far too honest, most people would of repaired the fairing and then swore blind the bike had never been dropped, when in reality if your buying a used bike it HAS been dropped at some point. This bike is a Kawasaki built like a tank partly why stunt riders use this model.
I need to sell it asap because i am self employed and need to replace my old dead van. Make me a sensible offer and get a bargain.
Jason 07522613884