Kawasaki ZX6R 2006 (C6F) for sale


As I’m moving to Denmark I’ve found it necessary to sell my Ninja. I would have taken her with me if it hadn’t been because of the insane import taxes on motor vehicles over there (£5000+).
11245 milesFull service history, receipts etc.3 keysTaxed till AprilMOT due mid-JulyOnly one owner before me.
Besides having HEL braided front brake lines she’s a standard factory bike. I had a pair of Michelin Pilot Power Pure fitted about 2000 miles ago (or so) so there’s plenty of mileage left in them and a new battery was fitted just before Christmas 2011.

There’s a minor dent in the petrol tank and a 10cm scratch on the left hand side fairing just underneath the indicator which were there when I bought the bike so I have no idea how they got there but they’re hardly noticeable. Unfortunately the front disks are slightly warped, not enough to fail MOT but enough to be annoying and I was planning to have them replaced this year. I keep wondering if someone tried to roll the bike when the disklock was on.


I’m open to offers as I unfortunately have to sell her but please be realistic :wink:


P.S. I’m located in Abbey Wood
P.P.S. Some of the pictures are from the last 2 years - unfortunately she’s stored in the house between all sorts of other goods so I can’t get to take decent photos of her.

[EDIT] As there seems to be some problems with photos already uploaded to LondonBikers I’ve uploaded them again with a new name.









Now sold