Kawasaki ZX636 R - 2003 (02 Model)


oooh what ya getting mr?

Hes looking at a beauty Westie babe !!! and i dont mean Kim either!..well i do…but not that way…well he DOES look HER that way…but in not the SAME way as new bike…well…he WOULD look at her that way…but bike has got his name all over it…well so does Kim have his name all over her…but…DOH…JUST ASK HIM !!!


Classic my dear and spot on kind of, well sort of, well you know what I mean!!!

And Westie…its a rather small BMW R1200GS Adventure



Ahhh now that is nice! Never had the pleasure of riding a 1200 but by all accounts it’s a leap forward over the previous 1150…Talking about leaping just ask Charlie about jumping GS’s He’s been there, done that and got the T-Shirt…

Now J will this be a brand new one or a flood damaged example one from a private sale in Devon?

Ah well several people are surprised I have not vacationed of late in Devon armed with my scuba gear; but alas no its a brand new fresh out of the crate version courtesy of Vines in Guildford.

P.S. will wait for rush to die down and will start search patterns in area; armed with my lift bags bound to be one left over BM’er.

Are you getting accessories to go with it? Extra lights, luggage etc…

I have a touratech catalogue!!! I won’t tell AJ

Best of luck with the sale mate

did you just compare me to a gsa???

dont know whether to take that as a compliment or an insult.

Depends how you look at a GS…

either it’s Big and German or it’s sublime piece of engineering and a pinnicle of design…

Mobile and Pictures updated on original post. Price is flexible!!

Have amended the main post here as:

The Tax and MOT actually June 2007 Expiry;
The R&G Crash Bungs are new and still boxed - not yet fitted.

Come on, there must be a few interested peeps wishing to upgrade to something bigger but do not wish to commit to a all out new bike - I guarantee you will be happy!

I would do, but… it’s green, and I aint got the di-nero. All my gear is blue!

Bump - have seen ebay examples with 2001 model and 17k at £2500 and the same year as mine at £3200 - and both were starting bids.

This is an unthrashed example…!