Kawasaki ZX14R

I would like to drive this bike
Boys and girls what do you thinking about this motorbike ?

It’s a big and heavy bike. If you can wheel it around then I say “why not” :slight_smile: unless you have no experience with powerful bikes. Go for something with less power if you’re learning. It’s defo not a newbie bike!

Perfect bike to do Mod 1 on! :smiley:

Yea! U turn pushing backwards and followed by the emergency swerve test. Might fail on the speed through the traps :smiley:

Only if the traps can measure that speed!

Oh I’m sorry tomorrow I going to pick up my new Kawasaki ZX14R I not L :slight_smile: But I still would like to know what people thinking :slight_smile:

bit late to ask for opinions now! are you having second thoughts?

I do have second thoughts
I always can sale the bike. I do like that bike but still thinking why should I not buy :stuck_out_tongue:

Incase its crap?

In case you don’t like the engine/power/comfort/control/brakes/response SO much to consider, if you have second thoughts you should ask for opinions before purchasing,

As soon as you leave the shop with that bike it looses value…

I didn’t buy eat. But I did call for shop to ask can I buy tomorrow they say yes.
So I would like to have another bike At the moment I have
Suzuki gsx r1000

Why didn’t you say so :slight_smile:

The zzz will be faster and a little quicker. Not too much in it because of the weight difference. Add a pillion to your gixxer. That’s the difference. The zzz has tons of low down power though

You should have said earlier… :cool:

Maybe but I would like to say I have Kawasaki you know it looks more nice for me .

Have you test ridden it yet? I think it looks lovely - if you look at my avatar you’ll see why! But, mine is his baby brother!

hahaha. one day maybe we will have race and will see who is the brother :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m afraid I can’t really comment, as I haven’t ridden the bike. Has anyone actually ridden one?

Did you not test ride before you even considered a purchase?

You’ll have to change your user name to ‘Kawasaki Russian’ ;p

there is an LB member with one. I think its Rosso or someone similar. the bike just destroys anything!

CheekyChick has one

Just out of curiosity, why is your name Yamaha Russian when you ride a GSXR?

forward planning? … or MK :smiley: