Kawasaki Zephyr


Anyone know anything about the Kawasaki Zephyr. Trying to think what I can get cheap when I manage to pass my test.


i had one years ago… they are an arse to clean and go furry in the rain… ok if you have just passed your test as a first bike… just keep it out of the rain if you get a good one…

Lol there is a member called Zeph11 who might be able to help :hehe:

Thanks both.

I kinda want a Bandit, Hornet or a Bonne but don’t think the GF is going to wear that, even if I give her my Van Van. :angry:

Yeah like PPG said, you should probably ask my Dad, he’d definitely reccommend them. They’re not that bad to clean, he takes a lot of time over it and enjoys it, plus it lives outside with no cover most of the time and isn’t furry as far as I can see. :stuck_out_tongue: Plus if you have any questions about Bandits I can probably help, I love my bandit to bits, but lots of people don’t, and the Zephyr is a great bike and it’s nice to ride too, although I personally prefer riding my bandit, but my Dad could argue for hours the other way round.

(Zephyr Steve could probably give you quite a bit of advice too or Photographichero if you want to know more about bandits.)

Looks like we need to talk bandits. I fancy restoring one and making it really individual.

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But as for the ‘it’s a great first bike’ comment, i’d have to disagree, my Dad’s been riding since he was 17, he’s 50 this year, so it’s anything but a first bike for him and it would take something pretty amazing for him to think about changing.

Look in the fighters corner section, there are a couple in there.