Kawasaki Z750

OK, I’ve just bought a 08 Z750. After reading a few reviews on the bike I would like to upgrade the suspension, fit a belly pan and braided steel hoses. I’ve also read that the engine cases are pretty thin?
Does anyone who owns a Z750 know of somewhere honest and reliable to do all this? Any opinions on practical mods would be very much appreciated.:wink:

hi mate, sending you a pm.:slight_smile:

doesn’t sound a good bike if its brand new and needs suspension upgrade etc ?

are they using inferior parts or summat ? or is it just a “bling” thing you looking at

Hello mate, great choice of bike. Me too.

Cant advise you on a good place though, sorry. I just used metropolis for my first free service and they were fine by me.

Out of curiosity what have you heard about the suspension? Mine seems fine.

Have you put on a tail tidy? The one that comes with the bike is a monster. Im gonna change mine asap.

can’t be inferior on a KWAK so i’m guessing it’s Blingage:cool:

cheers chen :Pso were into “pimp my bike” now :w00t:

We can get a 42" plasma in your top-box… nice base units on either side… give you some UV lights under it, you’d fit in well with ali G’s massive in staines steve…:D:D

Biggin it up…aaiiiiii :smiley:

mmmm speakers in the fairing, bass box in topbox, MP3 player n fugg me rolling disco :w00t::w00t::smiley:

Therein lies our get rich quick scheme… a mobile disco catering to bikers weddings… you can blast your all time faves then…your passion for george michael, elton john and abba will be exposed though…:smiley: I think the first party should be up near where that brian m fella lives :D:D

I think the suspension on the Z750 is OK, but after reading a few reviews on the bike they all mention
the suspension as being the bikes ‘weak point’ (Two Magazine) I just wondered what other 750 owners thought. :slight_smile:

Anyway on to a more serious note. I’m not lucky enough to have a garage or garden/driveway to keep
the bike and have to keep the bike parked on the street overnight, short of pitching a tent and sleeping next to the bike (tempting) I need to fit a serious alarm, the biggest chain and a tracking system. Any recommendations?

I don’t think the Z750 needs any bling it looks bling enough as it is… But I did like the disco lights idea:P

same for the SV dude, new fork internals, and a new rear shock will do it a world of good! im gonna do teh same to me twin:D

get a nice pipe on too, akra, blueflame etc

hoses yup…me too…and belly pans rock:cool:

i really like zeds, i may have one as a next bike, think the massive will lynch me tho:w00t:

I’ve read those articles too! But rear shock seems ok to me, I’ll upgrade it if I keep the bike long enough!

I doubt whether you would get any noticeable difference if you are just using it in the road? Maybe if you are doing some serious track days?

Braided hoses maybe be a worthwhile upgrade for a reasonable cost?

i have heard that zeds can get a bit twitchy when really pushed hard, can see why with big wide bars, getting aftermarket suspension set up would cure this?? or decent damper?-for same cost of damper you could sort the suspension quite well i think. think thats what the mags mean by upgradeing it.

depends how hard yor pusing it when riding i suppose, road or track.

Some of the magazines do talk a lot of rubbish, depends who’s advertising with them most that quarter. Fast Bikes mag think the 07/08 ZX6R is the best bike since the penny farthing, nothing better but another magazine says it’s got no mid range, feels heavy, slow to turn, may as well sell it and buy a CB1300 if you believed that :wink:

Have a chat with B (Brian) on this forum, see what he suggests, probably find a bit of adjustment will make it suit your weight and riding and see how it goes from there. Do Kwak recommend 36/42 psi for the Z750 tyres ? They do for mine but it feel and handles much better at 34/36 psi. Worth trying to see if you like it. Also changing tyres to something like the Michelin 2CT’s can make a massive difference if it’s got the OEM Bridgestones on still. Lots of things to try before spending big money on suspension parts.

gotta agree with steve on that one, bikes come from the factory with general settings, but what suits one person might not suit another much better to ask an expert before forking out hundreds on summat ya might not need