Kawasaki Z750 for sale

I’m selling my Kwack as there is a Speed Triple that is taking all my attention now…

2005 Kawasaki z750 on a 55 plate in metallic silver. First registered in Jan 2006. I bought it 2 years ago from a dealer in Croydon.

16403 miles on the clock, bought it with about 8k and have used it mostly for cross London commuting and the occasional scratch at weekends.

I’ve added a few mods:

Aprilia mirrors (from Tuono) as the stock ones were ugly and useless
Ermax belly pan (which I managed to scratch on a kerb last week…)
R&G tail tidy (with small plate, but never been tugged)
Oxford LED mini indicators

I’ve fully serviced it twice since i’ve had it with Rhalf at SBK City, last one was in Nov 09 with 14k on the clock. They balanced the throttle bodies (which were a bit lumpy) and put on a new clutch cable and brake pads, plus all the normal stuff (£400 service). I’ve just put a new Afam chain and sprockets on (4 weeks ago) at Essential Rubber and had new Dunlop Roadsmarts on at Essential about a year ago, which have plenty of tread on them. Also just had the steering bearings replaced (£120) as there was a bit of a notch.

It has a few marks (previous owner had a low speed drop on one side but luckily the R&G bungs took 99% of the impact) and there are just very minor scratches to the engine casings, didn’t bother me when I bought it. I have used it year round, and although I keep it covered in the evening/day and am fairly anal about cleaning it (bikes are the only thing I actually enjoy cleaning) it is not gleaming new. There are a few small stone chips on the tank, i’ve bought a little pot of touch up paint but not got around to doing it/having it done yet!

12 months MOT & tax.

I’ve loved riding it, the engine is an absolute peach and it handles itself well in the corners (knee down no problems). If I’m honest, the Triple is harder work to ride!

I’ve put it on MCN at £2995, but would consider offers from an LBer.

Can be viewed in Central London by arrangement.

Any questions please PM me.










Price dropped to £2795.

Need to get this shifted now as my boss is getting miffed with it being stored at work…

Priced at £2,695 ONO.

And now I have resigned so only have 4 weeks to shift it…

Willing to accept offers around £2,500. Please contact me if you are interested.


Please don’t take this in the wrong way, but my personal view is your “ride it like it is stolen” signiture is not helping!! :stuck_out_tongue:

good luck with the sale though dude, lovely bike.

Hahahha! A fair point mate! I had not even thought of that, it is just a silly saying.

Needless to say I do not heed my own advice…

Hi Mate,

I am interested in your bike.

PM Sent.


shameless bump…

due to a couple of holidays (lucky me) and starting a new job I have not given much attention to marketing this so it is still for sale. plan to get it on biketrader shortly and willing to listen to offers around £2500. thanks.

Blimey surprised no one has jumped. Looks a lovely clean bike…:ermm:

If this was 6 months ago I would have probably bought it…

thats alot of bike for 2.5k!! :w00t: