Kawasaki Z750 2004 black full service history

Selling my Z750 to fund an off road bike , looking for a clean low hours road legal KTM Enduro bike prefer two stroke cash ether way if anyone has one to part X :slight_smile:

Its a 54 plate in black 16k with fully stamped service history, its just had a major service plus DID x ring chain and sprockets and EBC HH sintered pads up front.good tryes, the front is near new. mechanically it is sound and these motors are known for there robustness being basically a sleeved down ZX9 motor.

The last owner, a mate of mine low sided it on the left and there is a scuff on the headlight fairing,the genny cover has been repaired and re-enforced so should this bike find its self going down on the left again its not going to go threw the wafer thin standard cover!!

there is also a crack in the tail fairing, have a look at the pics, there is also some flaking of the finish on the pillion pegs.

The bike comes with a nice stubby titanium tri oval can, its road legal with the baffle in and errr loud with out! the standard exhaust also comes with the bike.

The bike is garaged and not being used so the mileage will remain the same.There is 9 months tax and test on the bike.

£2200 ONO

swap ya my cb500 :wink:

ok!:w00t: is it any good off road? i know its good at going down the road…


…to a very happy man! :slight_smile:

See you and that beautifull monster tomorrow mate!

Gotta say Adam, the bike is an absolute joy to ride! Took her out for a spin today and had an absolute blast. I’ve got bike envy now and I’m seriously considering trading my ER6 in!

Hope you are happy with your new KTM. Thanks again for your help with the engine bolt the other day, much appreciated :slight_smile:

glad you guys are happy with it, theres a reason there one of the best selling bikes in Europe.

I am loving my new KTM

here it is

and this is what it looked like 24 hours after i got it!

+1. Isn’t that chain a tad loose :wink:

Hahaha, looks like you were having fun then! Would love to have a go on that too. Doing an off-road day is on my to-do-list for 2011, but it’s bloody expensive if you haven’t got your own bike :crying:

Anyhow, enjoy your new ride!

if you guys can make your way to were im riding you can have a go!

BTW i still have the z750 mirror :stuck_out_tongue:

Ch1ve!!:PThis explains:
crazyjoyce (10/01/2011)
Boris (10/01/2011) why do supermotos always look although they have a loose chain?

suspension travel. if it was as tight as it is on a road bike, when you hit the rough stuff the chain would be like a bow string

Ooooooooooooh okidoki :stuck_out_tongue:

did it come with sumo whees?

Really?! I’ll take you up on this for sure! :slight_smile:

As for the mirror - can we please have it? Scared the sh*t out of me riding without :blush:

I’m down your way on Friday afternoon, so could pop by and pick it up.