KAWASAKI Z750 '09 TYRES...... What is the best all rounder


Anyone got any opinions on what to put on my Z750, I commute but its a city commute, and i like a little blast every now and then…



Michellin pilot powers or pilot roads if you you want them to last abit longer.

Around £250 fitted Fwr in kennington

what he said! :smiley:

What sort of mileage would I be looking at on those? - Average.

-Thanks for the reply.

About 6k if your nice to them but I have a set on my sv650 so might be different on your bike.

Either way they are fantastic Tyres both types in all weathers and seasons

Nice, thats what Im looking for a good all season tyre, the Dunlops on the bike at the mo are a little slippy for me sometimes…

i forgot how many miles ive had them (their that good) :wink:

Pilot roads will be my next set as I had them first last winter and they lasted longer than the powers. Both sets I’ve loved and managed to get my knee down on both so confidence building is good.

Down side is the powers wear out quicker but I find they warm up faster.

Shiver’s tyres last ages, that’s cause his bike is off the road being mended 8 months every year :w00t:

Shiv, is that the case?? :slight_smile:
I remember when I had a bike like that…

Nothing to do with the bike, he keeps falling off :w00t:

Have you heard of or riden on the michelin Road 2s ?? I think I may invest in them

That’s what 2 people (3 if you include me :smiley: ) have recommended in the thread already - great tyres and decent wear rate too

Cabbie is just being agit it was two months :slight_smile:

Pilot roads are the ones to go for

Thanks guys gonna go get me some PRS!! :smiley:

got pilot roads on mine and they seem very grippy, like them :slight_smile:

Got em from fwr £246 fitted!! Theyre very grippy indeed- AWESOME. Thanks for all the help guys much appreciated!!:smiley: