Kawasaki Z1300

40k miles, 1 key, stubby cans

turned over and running machine, although currently no MOT or TAX

open to offers… Please email me; [email protected]

old skool muscle bike…nice :slight_smile:

no pic?!?!?!

There’s a pic if you can guess his AOL mail login details! That’s a mission for you tonight :smiley:

Tonight… the mission…“if you accept” IS BEER… :smiley:

Tonight… the mission…“if you accept it…” is to ignore bike sellers who can’t be bothered to put a little effort in

Anyone who writes “Open to offers” isn’t really serious about selling it…

This gets my vote for laziest ad of 2011.

I suggest spam it to death then when he logs in to see 100 posts he’ll get excited there’s lots of interest :slight_smile:

well I’ll get the offer process going… £19.50 for 50% of the bike and if after the first 3 days it proves to be everything I will increase my offer to £35+ packet of peanuts for 100% :smiley:

come one man! thats not a good offer

if you are offering 19.50 for half you need to pay 39 for 100% - a packet of peanuts (99p) = £38.01p


i will match this offer but instead of peanuts will give you M&S Cashew nuts :wink:

As above but with ocado essential macadamia nuts

2 greek guys arguing about money. lol!

ill give you a mars bar for it

how about some cous cous with cock flavoured sauce…

Wasn’t really interested in selling it.

In fact…didnt even really have the bike, was just bored, hence no picture!

Imaginary bike…now sold!