Kawasaki Versys - Any owners out there.

Looks an interesting bikes. Anyone able to give an opinion on it?

Test rode one a couple of months back. Can’t say I particularly rated and I am wondering what market it is aimed for. Personally, reckon the ER6 is a better bet, all this one is, is a higher ER6 with different bodywork. Suggest you test ride one and see how you get on, WHEELPOWER in Raynes Park have one on demo.

I had one as a loaner while mine was in for service. I quite enjoyed it, did a couple of hundred miles on it on the open roads of north Wales. Comfy, fairly agile, got to rev it a bit to get the best out of it. All in all if that is the style/type of nike you are looking for then all that remains is for you to test ride it and see for yourself.


I have a Kawasaki Versys 2007 and I am very happy with it. I have done about 9000 miles on it. Engine is brilliant despite the fact that there are only two cylinders. Handling is also great and suspension is adjusted rather for the higher speeds but the beauty of it is that you can change the settings any time. I would definitely recommend this bike for somebody who is quite tall and who will use to ride around the city. The seat becomes not very comfortable after around an hour of constant riding and I can’t think of any more bad points. It is a great looking bike and I am loving it.


All right, i’ve got one 2007 13000 miles on the clock, it’s a good fun bike, great on the twisties you can use all the power available as it’s only a 650. I get around 190 commuting miles before the reserve starts flashing which hold 4 litres til empty. Cheap to insure and service and very reliable, what more do you want :slight_smile:

How about a seat that is bearable for more than an hour? Factor in the cost of having the seat reupholstered to include a gell pad if you want any sort of comfort.

Of course, if you have an arse with built in padding, maybe that’s not necessary.

Otherwise a pretty good alround middleweight.

Oldguy’s right about the seat, got mine sorted out by Lee at viking motorcycle seat’s what a relief that was on my Derrière :slight_smile:

What kind of money are we talking?

New cover suede effect quite grippy, new thicker foam and re sculptured and a few inches higher than stock, £100