Kawasaki Riders...did you know

…That Metropolis Motorcycles Now sell / service Kawasaki’s www.metropolismotorcycles.com/cgi-bin/mm_news.pl?id=42 I might be a little giving this info but i cant see it in the forum any where. It’s about time there was a Kawasaki dealer in London. (see you down there) :wink:

Is that the shop that has more SHAME mentions than all the rest put together ?

There was a story about it in the news section…

I have to admit, that’s the worst news I’ve heard for a long time. I’ll be honest, and I’m sure folks will disagree, but it is just my opinion… but I have never had good service in the bike or accesories department of Metropolis… they only want to know how much money you’re giving them.

The fact that to get anything Kwakker related means I have to go there is a real shame. Ducati are based there too, which, its sad to say, is more what I expect of them, SNOBBERY FACTOR 10 points, perfect for the Metropolis Money Mad policy. I went to have a look at the 1098 when they first had one in. There was no one in the store, so I wasn’t wasting anyone’s time and I just went to ask a bloke about the bike. I got that look up and down, followed by the arrogant sneer on his face as if to say, “You couldn’t afford it” and a curt “sorry sir, I’m busy”. At which poiint he returned to his desk and sat down. When I had calmed down and choked the urge to throttle the pillock, I walked past his desk, he was playing “Patience” - NASTY NASTY MONEY PEOPLE.

I don’t want everything under one roof staffed by commission hungry Londoners (the most competitive, cut-throat and soul-less of them all) who only want to sell sell sell and have NO interest in taking time to be friendly, share information, discuss stuff. Seriously, all I’ve ever had in there is THE HARD SELL, the second they spot I’m not buying something immediately, that’s it, gone, frozen out. OK so it is a business, but that’s just not the kind of customer service I like. They just want the city twits who can spunk £7000 on a new bike without even blinking just cos their mates have told them that’s the one they should be riding…ITS THE AMERICAN WAY OF TREATING CUSTOMERS AND ITS UNPLEASANT!

Now in case you’re thinking this is utterly biased towards anyone in sales, I’ll have you know that’s rubbish.

Take BabyJ for instance. That man could get money out of my mother-in-law AND make her smile whilst he did it. There’s a VERY big difference between selling and a good salesman.

My experience of Metropolis has been the first, NOT the second. Soul-less, heartless, money driven, crap really. Not the sort of things I associate with biking in general.

Sorry Kwakker, poor choice in my book.

Ditto. Avoid Metropolis at all costs, just not worth the aggro that will inevitably result from a service there.

If you do a search on here you won’t find a single “Praise” thread for Metropolis, that speaks volumes:cool:

:wink: Thanks for the warning Guys… my seach continues…

thought daytona were a kawasaki dealer? and wheelpower in raynes park,cbs in whitton??

Daytona in Islington is no loger there…(if thats the one you mean) not sure of the others !!

And CBS Whitton have (I’ve been told, hearsay, don’t take it as gospel) given up their involvement with Kawasaki because it isn’t economic fixing other dealers’ cost-cutting measures. :frowning:

Metropolis have given continual grief to scooter owners as well. Bunch of sharks IMNSHO.

Wheelpower in Raynes Park are good guys. I know that Chuff will let them service Justine’s ZX so they must be OK!

Lloyd Cooper in Watford is a good bet (I managed to get mine bought and serviced there from East London). And less of your Larndarn snobbery, you mockneys.

my mistress has been off the road since 13th december 2007, because some dumb twit reversed into me, i own a zx6r p7f and i agree that london is an insect bit for kawasaki.

EXCUSE ME!!! but I think you are very mistaken here… My experiences with Customer Service in the US has been nothing but STERLING… mainly because if YOU dont take care of the customer SOMEONE else will… and comparing it to “CS” in the UK, the UK while gentlemanly pleasant could learn some very good leasons from the other side of the pond… and I will be the first to say that there are some STERLING ppl here in the UK that provide great CS (babyj to name one) it is NOT the NORM…

See that’s a basic mistake a lot of people make when chatting on forums. I’m not mistaken, I just have a “different opinion”. :slight_smile:

So I am going to go out on a limb here and defend Metropolis here, especially as I fall into the category of being one of those vilified ‘City twits’ who shops at Metropolis. In my experience they have been extremely helpful, professional and offered a great service. That said, I am a customer of Metropolis. I wasn’t dropping in for a chat or to sit on or test ride bikes I had no intention of actually buying. These guys are paid commission and need to be able to distinguish between a potential customer and a timewaster - so perhaps enquiries about top of the range Ducati may not have been taked that seriously. Kwakkers - If you are a looking to buy a new bike then go to Metropolis and they will look after you, if you want to chat about bikes then there are plently of places to meet other bikers who can offer free advice. Customer service - is for customers… It is a business like any other.

Yeah that’s all good and I hope you don’t take my resentment of people whose salary is in the 6 figure range personally. Having worked with some of the poorest people in the country for the last 5 years and seen what they have to live with, or more importantly, without.

Then comparing that to the tax-break, lifestyle of people who can afford 300 pairs of shoes, or a brand new motorbike without even thinking about it, which they’ll use for 6 months whilst its fashionable, then leave in a garage somewhere when they grow tired of it. I know SOOOOO many city types whose garages are stuffed to the roof with “the latest hobby” equipment that they never touch… fashion and trend? Nah, they’re just characterless sheep that followed the herd cos they could afford to. THey were’nt really into mountaineering, they just bought hte gear so they could tell their mates and “keep up with the competition”.

Its all about display and posture with that kind of person. “Look at what I can afford, see, I’m successful.” The right house, the right venue for the wedding, the right car, the right pram. And in all of those phrases “right” translates as “the latest, top of the range, most expensive”. Been there done that, bored of it. Its pathetic. I’ve already got a big C0ck thank you very much. I won that fight years ago.

Where’s the character in material wealth? So you’ve got lots of stuff, but so what, anyone can have lots of stuff, its whether you’ve got lots of character that’s really important.

Like I say though please don’t take that personally, that is a generalisation I have about that kind of person and life-style. I don’t know you so this is not directed at you personally, I’m only explaining the views I stated which seem to have gotten under your skin. I assure you they were not aimed at you unless you can say hand on your heart that you are that kind of shallow, vacuous empty person whose life is only filled by the latest gadget you’ve bought, which I’m guessing you probably aren’t… :slight_smile:

On the subject of Metropolis, true they are on commission, and true talking about a nice bike from my part was just talk, but to be treated the way I was was rude and the fact that he was playing patience also meant he was a liar. Now how does that sit with me telling my friends and colleagues who may be able to buy one of those expensive bikes…? Am I going to recommend the “excellent service I got” or am I going to tell people I was treated like dirt…?

Makes Metropolis look bad doesn’t it really. And by the looks of it, many people on here have had similar experiences, so perhaps my concern at being cut off like that is more accurate than just a low sense of self-esteem on my part.

And as far as your final line goes… yeah customer service is for customers, but where would a business be without them? And that I suppose is the crux. His obsession with “his commission” means another Black Mark for Metropolis in the London Bikers community, only making his work to earn said commission even harder down the line…

What value could he have gained from wasting 3 precious minutes to cater to my ego whilst he had the time… think of the damaged reputation he could have helped to mend…

Christ bad news still travels further and faster than good ever did, and that’s a business philosophy that has been around for AT LEAST 30 years… its NOT hard to see or understand that, it really isn’t.


Just to bring us back on point - this is a discussion about Metropolis, not an argument about the redistribution of wealth. You talk of ‘snobbery’ but then the language you use is just an inverted form of the same. You also make a lot of judgements about people based on their income which are innacurate and unfair and all the time it makes me wonder who actually qualifies in your eyes to legitimately own a new Ducati 1098 ? What is the entitlement criteria ?

So what if the ‘city twit’ wants to spend his cash on mountaineering gear so he can have a weekend of fun with his mates and never pick it up again. That’s a bit of profit for the mountaineering shop that pays the salary of the guy who is employed there and who will spend it elsewhere and circulate it around the economy. The consumption trickles down and benefits everyone. Probably even you.

So back to Metropolis. Yes the sitaution could have been handled badly and you won’t be making patronage again but don’t let your personal prejudices get in the way. My experience of Metropolis was excellent and I would reccomend them to anyone seriously looking to buy a bike.

Glad we can disagree like adults, I wouldn’t. Safe riding fella:)