Kawasaki or Suzuki???


Its me again : )

I’ve just done my first all day training on a 500cc bike, very exciting!

I would like to know the opinion of all lovely bikers out there.

Would you buy a Kawasaki 650 or a Suzuki 650? Why?

Thank you!


Sorry, I will be more specific.

Suzuki GSX650F or a Kawasaki ER6F650???

ER6F because at least it is honest. The GSX650F is just a bandit in drag.

Go for the Kawasaki - as said - the Suzuki - while an excellent bike - is just a rehash of the Bandit, which is getting long in the tooth no matter how much they update it - the Kawasaki is a fresher, more contemporary, more original design than the Bandit (I particularly like the Kawasaki’s rear shock arrangement).The Kawasaki, being so much lighter will be much nimbler and easier to manouver at low speeds

A more direct competitor to the Kawasaki is something like the Suzuki Gladius - although this is a v-twin and not an IL4.

Actually - although the suzuki is heavy - I don’t think it’s as heavy as I made out - but it is still noticeably heavier than the Kwak - it’s nicer to have something relatively light like the Kwak as your fist bike than something lardy.

Thank you.

Very good point you guys.

In terms of looks they are both very nice but I only like the 2010 look for the Kawasaki and the Suzuki is great looking even a few years back.

They both have great reviews…in performance and comfort.

I think I will have to buy a second hand one because £5.500 is a bit too much for me at the moment, even financed on 0% interest… So I may end up with the Suzuki…unless I can find a good priced second hand ER6F 2010 model (highly unlikely)…

Oh! God I am so indecisive! lol

More opinions very welcome!

Big hug!

Have you thought about a Suzuki SV650? That’s a really cracking bike and looks great in Black with a black frame.

They come in faired/unfaired flavours.

They have also been around a few years - so a used one should be affordable. :slight_smile:


Nice bike : )

I am short 5’5" so I am not sure about the seat hight, the ideal for me is 30" but I can stretch to a 32" maybe.


Go to a shop and have a sit on the SV650 and see what you think. It’s a lot lighter than the GSX650F :wink:

seat height is about 31 inches.

I know it’s in Swansea, but here’s a twin headlamp Kwak for under £4000 - http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/bikesforsale/searchresults/detail/?R=NXGN-7538283&mfy=

If you were willing to wait I am sure a lot more 09/10 Kwaks would appear for under 5k.

EDIT: Just to expand I really like the ER6-F and it is the bike I would have got had I been able to afford it at the time. It looks really good, with nice detailing such as the all the digital clocks. It is also cheap to insure. Khal Harris of Bike magazine has one for this year and he raves about it. SOme of the older, more weathered test reviewers aren’t as enamoured but he, as a the younger less experianced one, has said it is a bike he has really gelled with.

Thanks Manny,

I don’t mean to sound vain but the model 2009 is not as attractive as the 2010 one. The new mettalic green is way sexier : )

I want it all!!! hahahahhaha If I could I would have a collection! I love bikes!

Ah, didn’t realise they’d changed the greens!

I have an ER6N 07 for my town bike, all round its an easy bike to use, Parts are cheap, find the seat good on the bum. Er6n is a good looking bike. Cheap to insure.

I have a GSX650F and the weight is no where near as big an issue as everyone makes out.

It’s heavier than some other bikes yes, but are you really going to be carrying your bike everywhere? once you’re moving the extra grunt of the Suzy makes the weight very easy to move and it’s very nimble

and yes it may be a touched up bandit but it’s very competent in every way.

physically the ER6 is smaller in every way so would suit someone of a smaller body size.

the only advice you should really take from the internet is about reliability and the like. bike choice is down to personal preference on the looks and feel. so go and sit on a few bikes and see which feels right to you.


Get a proper Suzuki 650.

An SV650 :slight_smile:

What about Yamahas?

They don’t make the SV naked anymore I thought, and you can only get the SV650Sport.

i with NJ and Stu!

SV’s simply rock!..My K4 SV650S was a great bike…now have her big sister a K3 SV1000S:D

They are cheap to buy and run, they are slim due to the V-Twin engine layout, pretty light compared to other bikes in the same range, they have enough power but so much that it woudl be intimidating for a new big bike rider, good torque so low down power is good without having to rev the nuts off it!
They handle well, stop pretty well too, plus you have the engine braking.

Spares parts are no probelm as they are popular and they are aslo cheap to insure:)

and dont forget the new Gladius, PPG did a test ride and reviewed it - http://londonbikers.com/articles/12398/suzukis-sfv650-gladius-under-review

in short you cant get better, depends what bike you like the look/feel of.

As said - the SV650 is a cracking bike - but if you are looking for a light, nimble and tasty 600 that won’t intimidate the short of leg you have to mention the Hornet!

How this fantastic bike slipped my mind I don’t know.

Again - they have been around for over a decade so you should be able to find one that suits your budget.

Like the SV - I can’t recommend this bike enough - Everyone should have a Hornet! :wink: .

Hey Guys,

Thank you so much for participating on my topic and getting your suggestions across :slight_smile:

I am a sport bike kind of girl so a sporty look is a must!

I love the CBR600 but they are way to big for me.

Will get my license soon so will drive test lots of bikes specially the ones mentioned on here.