Kawasaki KLX 250

My neighbour from over the road is selling one of his bikes, I thought I’d put a plug here for it:


He’s a nice guy and the bike is pretty clean and tidy, if it’s the kind of thing you’re after then come and take a look :slight_smile:


whats his reserve? Brett might be keen :slight_smile:

Was thinking the same thing as soon as I read his welcome post.

That headlight is non standard.
It looks like an Acerbis LED HP.

whats the seat height on one of those? looks like it would make a fun commuter

I’m dead on six foot, and it was a very comfortable height for me, higher than my GSX. It’s also a very light bike and handles very easily, and it’s comfortable as hell. I think it’d be a great commuter - hell if I could get away with a second bike I’d be buying it myself :slight_smile:


at 5’7 i am more worried it’d be too tall! Am also liking the idea of 2 bikes - a light fun commuter, and maybe a sports 600

these are great, I’m 6ft 4 ins and rode one around often in asia recently, if i had been back longer i would have this off you in an instant!! Bullet proof bikes and megga easy and cheap to fix!

A bright green thumper doesn’t seem the ideal way of maintaining a low profile in a park somehow.

Well, the bike didn’t hit the eBay reserve. My friend needs to sell it, he’s told me that he would take £1400 cash if anyone is interested.

Its a handy price … Not enough punch for my taste in that style of bike . I am suprised it did not make its money .

If I had already moved out to a place with my own garage I would have been seriously looking at that… The SM is fun when it’s dry but I’d like something to tackle the mud… :smiley:

did he sell this simon?

He got an offer, but the guy seems a bit weird. If you’re interested I can go and ask?