Kawasaki H2 - Does it fly?

Pictures of the Kawasaki H2R hyperbike has been leaked prior to its global unveiling at the 2014 INTERMOT motorcycle show


Images of the Kawasaki H2 superbike have been leaked prior to its official launch. Kawasaki has been sending out teasers of the motorcycle in a systematic manner by publishing various videos highlighting the key features of the motorcycle. The above images are the race spec version of the H2 and will be christened Kawasaki H2R.

From the pictures one can see the various winglets that were unveiled in the teaser video and it will be interesting to see what kind of benefits these have on the performance of the bike. It is clearly visible that aerodynamics has dictated the design and styling of the Kawasaki H2R hyperbike. It seems that rear-view mirrors have been integrated to the winglet next to the windscreen. The instrument cluster is part-analogue-part-digital with the tachometer taking center stage and looks visually attractive. The overall styling of the Kawasaki H2R is edgy and sharp with a bit of design inspiration from the Ducati Panigale. Also heavy use of carbon fibre is evident to keep the weight of the bike as low as possible.

The Kawasaki H2R will employ a trellis frame and single-sided swingarm, features that are something normally not associated with the Japanese two-wheeler giant. Another highlight of the Kawasaki H2R is its supercharged powerplant. It is speculated that the Kawasaki H2R will be powered by a 998cc, in-line-four motor churning out an eye-popping 300PS of maximum power making it easily the most powerful production motorcycle to ever go on sale. Production of the Kawasaki H2R will be restricted to maintain exclusivity with each unit carrying a sticker price of around Rs 20 lakh in the US market. More details on the Kawasaki H2 and H2R will be available post its global unveiling. Watch this space for more details.

Looks like they are coming after BMW and Ducati. I think the rest of the Big 4 will follow suit in the next 2 years with a bid to leapfrog the European challengers.

That must have some serious power if it needs those wings to produce Downforce!!

Whats next??? 2 wheel drive Hyper bikes!!

I’d really like to see this go! On an aesthetic front, I do like the green subframe :slight_smile:

Hover bikers are the next!

i need this between my legs drool


That single sided rear axle rear wheel is pretty cool. Like a Ninja star.

that is very sexy. love that rear wheel.

been done already:D

not quite hyper but …


Uses the same motor in current ZX10R but with a supercharger

The standard naturally aspirated motor makes 175 BHP at the wheel

So conservative estimates make this make over 210 at the wheel. (250 HP at the crank take away 15%)

That’s almost the same as the old MotoGP CRT bikes power.

Shame it is gonna cost big money, but I’d have this…Sexy

I was just thinking that my 193BHP wasn’t enough for the North Circ traffic!

ugliest thing i’ve ever seen.

things like these makes me wonder, 295bhp as a road bike. then you have to ride within the speed limits, 70mph. that thing does that in neutral. one would buy it and never push it over first gear on a public road. yeah right.

what a scam. :laugh:

Read your own quote :laugh:

a CB500 will break the speed limit in 3rd though. are you saying we need nothing more powerful than that?

Now Alba, that’s not strictly true is it???;):D:D


Mian, of course every vehicle can break the speed limits if pushed. what i’m saying is there’s a massive incongruence between the power of the new bikes and the law. to give that to a 21yo is the same as giving them a gun and say ‘dont ever try and pull the trigger, just look at it’. its hypocritical to say the least.

Have to agree with Alba, i think it’s pretty ugly too, but was waiting for someone else to say it first :slight_smile:

I think it’s pretty ugly too. And does it really need wings?? Is it just a style thing or is it to stop the sort of front end instability that Ducati were having a problem with in a MotoGP a few years ago?

would be a hoot on the track though.

using your argument as a basis, it suggests you dismiss all litre (and above) Sports bikes as irrelevant. in fact anything with about 100bhp can be through the 70 mph limit in second gear within about 3 - 4 seconds on a dry road with good tyres. indeed all 600 class sports bikes are only a fraction behind their bigger brother in terms of law breaking potential. Your (now elderly in terms of technology) R6 is very capable, and in the hands of an inexperienced rider potentially very dangerous. (what were you saying about hypocrisy?;):slight_smile: )

the chase for outright speed ended a long time ago with the ‘gentleman’s agreement’ to limit the top speed of all production bikes, before the government did!!

now the race is on to produce the bike that gets you there quickest, fed of course by the antics on track in moto GP and BSB and all the other regional race leagues. there is a lengthening list of bikes that make no sense on the road, panigales, S100rr’s, this Ninja, historically you also have the blackbirds and busas, which aint too shabby in the speed stakes, but based on your argument, anything above about a 250 is pointless.

in the end though all of the HP gains are pointless unless the tyre companies can keep up and produce rubber capable of handling it. with a keen right hand 200bhp could shred a tyre a day, and if its on track I would say its probably money well spent.:smiley:

Just seen a Yootoob vid of it and it actually looks pretty nice on film, the green of the frame is a candy flip green which looks amazing against the carbon fibre panels. so i stand by my earlier statement, the picyure is an dam ugly bike, but…the video is a very nice bike with hooooge hoonigan potential!!

But, looking at it i think it may just be a prototype as it has no headlights, no wing mirrors and it’s wearing slicks so if it looks like it does in the Video when it goes into production it will be a very nice bike.