Kawasaki GTR1400 possible new bike

Hi Folks have finally sent my old Pan to the knackers yard I am looking at a new tourer or sports tourer. Whilst looking at a new Pan in a dealers the GTR caught my eye - was nice to sit on and I know the screen isn’t best but I like the idea of having a sportier bike once panniers are removed. Doing Belgium and possibly Spain next year so a comfortable mile muncher is also required. Anyone got a GTR who would like to comment positively or negatively woudl be appreciated - looking at the post 2010 upgrade model with everything but cruise control :slight_smile:


brilliant bike go for it

Rode one last year. Comfy as anything but didn’t fire me up and I went for the Triumph Sprint GT, which has a much lower price tag as well :smiley:

thanks for the feedback - have just bought a Pan ST1300 for a good price and barely run in with 8k miles on clock - had a look at the GTR1400 forum and there were a few negative issues with existing owners so decided to stick to good old honda for build quality - but was tempted