Kawasaki ER5 Cheap


After riding my bike to work in the rain today I really need something else! Dnt want to mess my bike up. I’ll take this off his hands condition not important just need a bike that runs sweet. Can leave paypal deposit?

Raz ay…

If was razzle might of just bought the number plate for when the mood takes me :slight_smile:

is 15,000 miles now classed as low miles?
Lovely bike for what it is, have a free bump :smiley:

15,000 is low for a 12 year old ER5. I own a 2000 one thats got 73,806 on it. These bikes have solid engines.

It’s the sort of bike you ride past someone on a nice new blade in the rain on and laugh at them…:smiley:


SOLD to RobbieJ £600 :w00t:. He Gave that away. Mate you got a deal there that bikes well clean.

told you he needed the room!! :smiley: you owe me a beer or two :wink:

flipping heck, that was a steal!