Kawasaki ER-6F

Sat on one today and am now in love. Want to hear if anyone else has had experience of one of these. Looks like it would be a great transition bike from my 125 up to a larger bike and I could go traveling up and down the country on it :slight_smile:

Had one as a courtesy bike and did 100 miles on it, not too powerful but it pulled well, very easy to use on the back lanes and single roads I use for work. Could easily see why people use them for commuting. Only criticism was that it was a bit bouncy but I guess you could play with the suspencion.

We had one in the shop the other day ('57 plate) and to be honest it feels like a smart looking ER-5. I couldn’t feel much difference between the ER-5 and the ER-6F. Engine is fairly smooth, but I would certainly go for a Honda (if it was me), possibly CBR600 or CB600F if you are looking for a 600??

And there’s you saying “the Varadero will do me fine” (or words to that effect) :wink:

Know someone who had it as their first bike and they thought it was good at the time. Toured Cornwall on it a few weeks after getting it and didn’t complain about the miles at all.

He did get bored with it quite quickly though and traded it in for a ZX6R less than a year later (but like Westie he seems to have developed a habit for changing bikes quite often…)

Ahhh… I have an ickle Kawi ER6F! Yep, it’s; reliable, comfy, snazzy (the bike gets looks and compliments), has a bit of ummpphh (gets me out of trouble), sounds delicious and is cheap to insure and to run.

Would recommend to anyone considering this as their first big bike. Yes, I’ll probably upgrade in a year or two to a 750cc+ bike, but for now I think it’s the bees knees. Can’t say much about the handling in the snow tho (I’m working in Singapore, so no winter riding for me - it’s nicely hibernating), but I can’t tell you how much I am D-R-E-A-M-I-N-G of my ER6F for the summer riding!!

Maybe I am just in love with the freedom of biking, but the ER6F makes it all the better.


ER6-F is an excellent first big bike. My only reservation is the size (I found it really small) but if it fits you . . . go for it!

Cool! Thanks guys, think it will be a good next step up. I’m going to start saving, as I said to Garrett I’m in no hurry but it’s nice to have identified a strong contender :slight_smile:

its got a really interesting frame and gets lots of admiring looks…go for it…good all rounder and close to your varadero in riding position etc…

Hey mate, go for it.As the name suggests I’ve got an ER6F and it’s been my first bike since my DAS a little over a year ago. I mainly commute and it’s awesome for that- very forgiving of any minor mistakes.

Yeh it’s no racer but hey it gets me where I want to be quickly and safely. I might change it if the urge to nip between those two closing trucks becomes overwhelming but I can’t really see it happening… I bought it as a transition/ learning bike and it’s taught me a lot about biking. Plenty more to learn but you can’t know everything eh?

At my first BM meet someone walked up and said ‘awesome bikes those- dead easy to wheelie’ never tried it myself, but hey maybe that’s the next thing to learn!oh and I’m 6ft and feel perfectly comfortable on it…

I have one and it seems a fine bike to me. Done nearly 9k in it’s first year and all seems to work well, (as it should). I was drawn to it for the high bars as I have back injuries, easy engine manner and cheap with a full fairing. The power is easy and the band seems to extend quite low, ideal for a commuter. I can be filtering along at 15-20mph at just 2-3k and there is enough grunt to lightly lift the front wheel, (possibly partly down to a very carefully run in engine). It can scream to 11k but it seems to run out of puff at about 9.5k. Some might see this as a bad point, but means you end up shifting earlier and the revs stay lower. Hopefully this should make the engine last longer, which is a factor for me as I intend to keep this bike till it falls apart and do a very high mileage.

The gearbox is very nice and precise. The 1st-2nd shifting can be clunky if you’re not decisive with the lever. I sometimes accidentally pop it into neutral when revving it down the box.

The brakes are easy to control and good power although I’d like more grunt for hooning around, (but after all, it’s not a sports bike).

I have no troubles keeping within reasonable distance of bikes with twice the power on windy country lanes as the general feel of the bike and wide bars inspires confidence.

I find myself slipping forwards on the seat which can be annoying. Otherwise fit is ok at 6ft1.

The finish on the main frame isn’t perfect but there is no rust showing after a years riding all weathers. I’d highly recommended doing as I have, brush on hot waxoil over the frame when new.

Slightly off-key to jump in with this, but i have two brand new pairs of R+G Crash Bungs/Protectors for the ER6F, PM me for details