Kawasaki Dealers

Can anyone recommend a Kawasaki dealer preferably in North or West London. For some reason the bike’s rattling like a biscuit tin full of spanners at the moment and I’m not wnating to play with it while it’s under warranty!

I got good service when buying my bike from Daytona, in Ruislip. More Middlesex than ondon, and I’ve not had to try out their aftersales yet, but so far they’ve been good.

Try this guy

motorcycle HQ in west drayton, not the flashiest place but theyve always given me good honest service.

Kawasakis always sound like that, has it changed much since you got it. Also you get basket rattle from the clutch when in neutral some times which is normal

The noise seems to have got louder but more intermittent since I got the bike. I think I’ll take the sesible option and just invest in some earplugs!