Kawasaki Dealers

Can anyone suggest a good place for my service which is coming due?

Just checked the Kawasaki website and they list only 2 places. Metropolis - or Metropolis. Is there nowhere else reasonably central where I can get a Kwak stamp in the book?

Actually Ive heard decent reports of the Grenwich one. Is this true?

I bought the bike at the Vauxhall one and although sales were very good, I found their service department to be a little on the cheeky side, although no major problems to report.

Any thoughts welcome.

Got my Kwak serviced in Watford http://www.kawasakidirect.co.uk/Contact.aspx

You’ll get price reduction if you get out of London/suburbs where garage rental/ownership gets a whole lot cheaper. And probably get better quality of work.

My friend, Tony, takes the day off and goes down to Hampshire to get his bikes serviced and always gets to borrow one of their loan bikes while they have his.

Pays off for the dealer, Tony has bought two of those loans in the last few years.

On the other hand, if there are no warranty issues, just find a decent independant and get quality and price benefits.

Cheers guys.

Out of town is a good idea. I go out to Herts a lot, although the other side to the Watford one you menton, dlchatel. Ill have a look into it and see if I can find a good place in Stevenage or surrounds. Powerpuff - isnt that your area?