Kawasaki Advert

Not sure if itw as seen before but this one is really funny:):slight_smile:




Ha ha. They are all brilliant. This is my favourite:


Mate I don’t get it… so if you have a Kwak you get special parking spot???

PMSL:D unlike the car:blush:

lol you to realise the bike would get stolen from that special parking spot in 10 seconds ???:):slight_smile:

lol, dont you see the porsche pissing itself.

Daaaamn no I didn’t see it:):slight_smile: now it is Funny… when I saw it first time I tough WTF is the whole advert about:):slight_smile:

It does take a while because it is mega-subtle, but that’s what makes it sooooooooo good! :slight_smile: