kawasaki ace day?

just seen the add on the homepage of LB, no times are stated what would they usually be? sounds fun tho.

It’s on all day long, if you want to park in front of the Ace, you must have a Kwak. But bikes are spread out all over the Road and bridge. ZRXUK are basing themselfs on the bridge :wink:

Sounds good, i will be riding down from gericke at 4ish with a few mates, most on ninja’s

See you there

ooh I will get there about 3…likely on my ZX10…was hoping to have my KH400 running but having a clutch actuator mechanism problem…may be sorted by the 20th though…

I’ll be going down around 3 ish , staying up to watch the calzaghe fight saturday, should have around 6 guys on different gen zx6r’s

it starts at 10!!

Will be there but gonna have to hide the Tuono - loadsa buddys from ZX10R.co.uk making a day of it :smiley:

me and dad will be there:)

cool, am gonna come straight from work so look out for the guy in the hein gericke kit from 4.30.

lol that will probably be alot of guys…

haha no i ment as in the team hein gericke company shirts

i should be there from about 1 ish.hoping for a dry day:)

If this weather improves will try 2 get there around 1 just look 4 a troll in hg jacket on bag-o-sh!te lmao

Will probably be there about 12.00, that gives her with the fishy face about 1hr 40 mins to fall out of bed and make herself look presentable …
Oh dear i think there may be a flaw in my plan :smiley:
If we hav’nt met and you spot us say hello
Young, long hair, piercings,and very good looking.[there will be an ugly blonde with me as well ;):P:D

its a shirt jackass! lmao and where did you conjure up troll lil fella? :stuck_out_tongue:

sounds gd, see ya there

read it again ya numpty !! I was refering 2 myself ! Jeez lmao

went down there bumped into a few faces, sorry didnt get to see you to say godbye.

Catch ya again soon.


haha, headache at work sorry. i did pass by was the dude who rode in with no lid on a ninja buh didnt hang around for long got a bit dead at 4ish buh couldnt get their any earlier. is there a honda day coming up? might have to break out the custom for the day