Kate Beckinsale

Ah yes, about time for a bit of Kate-letching

The weather had better be damn good to keep me out the cinemas on Friday.




It will prolly not be a suprise that I’m a fan of the first underworld!

Nothing special…

My types are Eva Mendes and Claire Forlani


Kate from Lost

When I see her with this aeroplane it reminds me “The secret diary of Adrian Mole”

You’ll love it mate, I’ve had the pleasure of already watching this. Love it

Good choice mate with Eva, hubba hubba.

I am gonna go and see Underworld Evolution next wednesday (Orange 2 4 1)

This is my sort

ugh! Scary

Yes I can see how that would work mate!!

Let me guess, a lifetime of getting the fit bird’s ugly mate has finally cracked you

Pucker up, all is not lost.

But there’s a queue mate, and your behind me