I’ve been karting a couple of times over the past month, with friends from work. I can’t remember the last time I went before that, probably 20 years ago…

Anyway, great fun. At first it seemed a little random, wasn’t sure taking racing lines was really working, drifting round corners seemed more fun! Still, last night I was really getting the hang of it. You can actually get faster laps taking proper, neat, lines.

Here’s the short version, a teaser trailer -

I liked how they have a screen with lap times and such. We all got quite competitive yesterday and did reasonably well.

The format was a 90 minute race, we had a team of 3 and a team of 4. The team of 4 raced for only £20 (as we replaced someone that had cancelled)

We’re next planning to do an 80 lap, every man for himself race. I’m not sure I’ll last racing for 40 minutes none stop!

yeah karting is awesome fun… we did it once with a few others on a jetstream ride to Goodwood…

I’d love to do an LB night, when my shoulder is fixed :smiley:

We did a iron man lap challenge during a friends stag do. Terribly hungover, awful idea. Good memory of us all getting slower and slower and more worse for wear as the laps counted down


when your shoulder and my back is fixed. :smiley:

Okay, well I seem to have a decent line of communication with this guy at Team Sports, wouldn’t be too hard to arrange one if we can get a group of 10 to 12 together :slight_smile:

Sounds good Andy, count me in when Alex is good and ready :slight_smile:

I used to like karting. My friend does the big boys style karting in Tilbury at the weekends. My rotator cuff is kaput so I can’t steer very well, but that just made it more interesting :slight_smile:

Everyone at work has the karting bug and we’d love to try some more powerful out door karting. Is there anywhere North London that anyone would recommend?

I don’t know anywhere that rents the rotax type carts, they are all owner drivers at Tilbury.

Buckmore park, just off the M2 ,near Gillingham has a outside track, but its been 20 years since I have been there

I fancy this. There is also a great outdoor one in Sandown Park, their karts have dual engines and are pretty good.

there is quite a large out door track near thurrock services.I have never been so cant say how good it is but seen it a few times.

Buckmore park is the one to go to. Twin engined pro karts, 85mph, excellent circuit with lots of elevation and a couple of big boy corners. If you fancy a race day there, then count me in, the indoor stuff is a bit dull in comparison.

I’m not picky, I’d be up for any kind of karting :smiley:

Its gotta be Rotax max for big boys racing, them twin engine things is fat heavy and slow .

I do karting at Rye House a great outdoor circuit.

Depending on dates, locations and prices, I could be well up for this. My missus probably would be as well.

I’m up for this, sounds like a right laugh.

If we get 12 of us the place I go do a ‘Mega 80’, a straight up, 80 lap race (15 miles, about 40 minutes) with qualifying and such beforehand, F1 style.

The tricky thing would be collecting money before booking…

i cant drive but i’ll give it a go.
it’ll probably take me 10 laps just to learn what the pedals do :laugh: