Karma... wat a load of balls

One of the lads got dicked to drop someone off at brize as he is going on tour, being the good mate that i am i offer to do it instead so he can go home and see his missus and kids because he is going out to afghan himself shortly.

Now i always thought karma ment that you do good things then good things happen to you. Well thats the second time this hasnt worked for me. The land rover broke down 3 times on the way to brize and 7 times on the way back. I had to leave it to cool down then it would go again, even when it would actualy run i struggled to get upto 70 in it, these things are capable of doing atleast a ton trust me.

I think im just gona be an ass from now on and see how that works for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Jeez dude!?? Whatd you do to the landy!? Mine would do a ton too, but it never broke down on me once! Have you souped it up or something!?

A landy that does a ton :w00t: :smiley:

I’m lucky if I can get the 90 n/a over 60, OK the 90 with the 300tdi in it will get up to around 85 if I’m lucky.

Both mine are always breaking down, just have to hit them with bigger hammers.

lol - guess Im the lucky one then :hehe: (TD5, 90)

I see military transport hasn’t changed much since my day then!

I do believe in Karma and this little story illustrates it nicely…

Last Friday whilst riding through Florence on route to collect our hire bikes, Alice realised that her bum bag had fallen off. It contained her passport, licence, credit cards, money, phone…you name it.

In an attempt to retrace our steps Bumblebee and Bikerboy jumped on our borrowed ZZR and rode off. I tried to call Alice’s phone but it just rang.

While we were waiting at the roadside a couple came past us pushing a Harley. It turned out the guy had just fitted a brand new battery and it wouldnt start. Between the four of us (Alice riding it) we managed to bump start it in 40 degree heat. The couple could not thank us enough and went on their way.

Within a minute of our deed, my phone went and an italian guy said he had found Alice’s bum bag and he jumped on his scooter and delivered it back to us, everything intact, enabling us to continue our holiday:cool:

Now if that aint good karma, what is?:smiley:

Dont see the problem…? Thought landys where supposed to break down all the time n thats the fun of owning them? Least thats what my dad taught me as we spent lord only knows how many times on the side of the road fixing his 90. But then in south africa u dont get rained on as much n no-one wants to carjack u for ur landy…


my kar-ma ran over my dog…


is it called Karma? i thought it is called market when you offer something and expect something back:D

ASBO, Who 1st Paraded it ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t they have a welfare car to use instead.

The Wolf models are very quick, have you not seen them in the outside lane flying down the m/ways thats why loads of the lads were ending up in ditches !

Nah its an army one, its a L/R tum HS(high spec) but more commonly called a wolf because its like a wolf in sheeps clothing, there pretty quick allegedly you can get a ton 10 out of them but ive only known them to go upto a ton(i wouldnt do that speed ofcourse :Whistling: )

Ha ha, umm that’ll be me :smiley: It was fine when i checked it over, worst thing is is its my job to keep them on the road :w00t:Ha welfare car, there is one but i dont see why cause they dont let us use it… Think there too buisy taking pissed up officers home or getting the pizza’s which is much more important ofcourse

buy an Evo ten instead with suicide doors, armour plating and bullet proof glass :wink:

well, its got four wheel drive! but youll need to convert it to LPG or something :wink:

Sack that, i think the army should get KTM supermoto’s like mine and have armour plating on the bottom of it so any bullets i cant dodge will be stopped… :cool:

Fair point tail between legs