karl harris vs flying motorbike

flippin hell (literally)

watched it back in slo-mo yesterday, made me go cold watching him take that one in the chest/head.

yeeash. :pinch: looks like he’s ok tho?

looks like he told Ricky Hatton that he fights like a girl though… that’s one SERIOUSLY broken nose.

As I watched it yesterday I feared it would end in tears.

What a rotten start of the season for Bomber:crying:

hadn’t seen pics of the aftermath. broken nose seems to be a light get out if thats the case.

he was going well too (despite leon running him off the track)

Theres a pic of him in todays Sun sporting his stitches:cool:


Totally bloody insane! At first it looked like Haslam’s fault entirely, but it seems like just a real bad racing incident. Crazy days racing.

Hard as nails is Harris. Proper racer. A real shame considering he was on for a good result in all likelihood.

Did you see the way Dennis Hobbs went into the Air Fence head first. He was lucky too:)

Ten years ago he’d probably be dead now:doze:

Yeah Webby went in hot, lost his front and just swiped Hobbs bike out from under him… couple of MAJOR incidents this weekend but luckily most of them seem to be walking away… Some great racing though and Crutchlow’s first pohdee… GOOD MAN, Roll on Oulton Park

got this on the sky+ to watch in the evening, shame haslam hasnt started well

I forgot to add it to my Sky+ but its on again tomorrow at 8.30pm on Eurosport 2 if you missed it :cool:

I only saw it on tv yesterday as i was there last week. But blimey that really is one of the worst i’ve ever seen.

Harris is riding awesome and looks to be back to his best on that R1. He’s a 4 time supersport champ and people tend to forget just how good he really is. He’s usually good at Oultan and carrying an injury should mean less pressure - i think he’ll be in there :cool:

Ouch! Seriously bad luck for Harris.

Here’s a link to the crazy bike in the face action