Karl Harris crash at Oulton Park race 1


Fugg me!

The poor bloke is still in the medical centre in a bad way and he’s already plastered all over the t’interweb:crying:

Get well soon Bomber :doze:

Christ on a bike with no wheels.

That’s one serious fling he’s suffered there. Looked like he was having a top-class lap, too.

Get well soon man, don’t give up!

Bomber has always managed to bounce well. I doubt next season will be any different unless he goes back to Supersport. Sorry, just my thoughts.

I do hope mind that he is ok and back in action sunday.

That really didn’t look good and I hope he can make it through that one.

That turn really should have airfencing in front of thet barrier:doze:

It’s a real shame, he had an engine from leon haslam’s wsb team(stiggy motorsports) and his lap times in qualifing were really good.could have had a race win.

I thought something like that…Hardly any run off then bam.

Not good.

Ouch!, very much ouch! He was running well.
Its only his first or second outing with his new team SMT. Hope he’s ok!

Apparently Gowla was also off and his bike ended up in the lake!

that crash was on the 2nd lap, ws quick, but all you saw was the slide, bike did a gymnastic routine out of the sand trap.

Shame Karl won’t be racing tomorrow but I am no way suprised. Get well so Karl and see you next year.

Hope he’s ok.

Thankfully Bomber is fine and well. He was interviewed at Oulton this afternoon on telly and apart from a few bruises and a headache he’s all good:)

Lets hope he continues his run of good form into next season:D

Great stuff! :slight_smile: