Kappa K53 easily broken into


I had some gits break into my Kappa K53 top box in Angel last weekend.
It seems that they stuffed some screw drivers into the top and side of the lock mechanism to pry it open. It was pretty packed, so maybe that helped the thieves, but I’m pretty annoyed by it as it had my helmet, gloves, jacket, and trousers inside. Hoping that the home contents insurance will cover it.

The lock mechanism hasn’t actually broken, and it still works fine. There’s hardly any damage apart from the grooves the screwdrivers left, and the flap that locks down seems a little loose.

Has anybody found this top box to be easy to break into?

Never leave anything in your top box around Angle. Kids are a nightmare around that area. Me and my mates use to leave ours unlocked/open to keep them from breaking the locks.

would imagine all topboxes thats are made from plastic easy to get into…dont leave valuables in them