Kappa = Givi

Some people think that Kappa is a cheap knock-off version of Givi luggage and won’t buy it on that premise.
If you want proof that both companies are essentially the same then take a look at the fitting instructions for this luggage rack.


I think the bigger news is you’re not fabricating the rack yourself! :stuck_out_tongue:


that remains to be seen. I’m waiting on a quote for the whole rack and boxes

Kappa is named for Mr Givi’s daughter (and she runs it) IIRC. Kappa’s supposed to be a more stylish and less purely-functional-and-ugly Givi, but the only changes are to the box lids. The bases come out of the same moulds.

We are honored to be in possesion of such worthy information.
Id also be honored to give Ms Givi something something purely functional and ugly in return for something a little more stylish, not sure Id be willing to comment on her box lid till after the event.