Kanellos the Greek protest dog

Big up to the canine comrade! :cool::DThe dog takes a frontline position as protesters confront riot policeThe hound always seems to side with the protesters, whatever the disputeNonplussed as a lone stone-thrower prepares to attack policeThe dog has been a regular of scenes of social unrest for two years and is unfazed even by water cannonThe dog stood guard over a line of protesters in December when students took to the streets to protest against a plan for policing at universitiesAt another protest in December, the dog appeared againIt scavenges from a bottle of milk dropped by farmers during a protest near Syntagma Square in central AthensDuring a rally against an agreement between Piraeus port management and a Chinese companyTeargas explodes right in front of the curious caninePaint-spattered police ignore the dog as it saunters past However ugly the confrontation, the dog is unperturbedA playful mood during a dockers’ demonstration two years agohttp://www.guardian.co.uk/world/gallery/2010/may/06/greece-protest?picture=362290874

yeah i saw that… weird and funny! :smiley:

This is great…can’t believe they had that many protests in just 2 years, though…

Very sad to see:

When what most visitors remember is:

It probably smells the bacon.

This is the last place I would expect to see a thread about Kanellos…

Sadly Kanellos is no longer with us, he’s chasing cops up in the sky… :frowning:

Edit: Re-took another look at the photos and there’s something fishy here… At first I did not recognise Kanellos as the fur did not look the same… and then I read the comment regarding the dog being present at some protests in the last 2 years… That’s not possible since Kanellos died in 2008.

Then I dug somemore… Apparently this story has been re-hashed by The Guardian using a notorious Greek blog (troktiko - the owner of which was murdered recently) which was obviously sending out wrong information. Clearly The Guardian not checking up their sources.

The only reason I spotted it was because I grew up in that area! I know no one will care but thought it was interesting how a wrongly reported news story on a greek blog makes it onto a big time newspaper in the UK!