kamikaze moment last night

ok as you prob know, my gals just got a 125, and as she dont drive or anything, is still quite nervous on roads etc.

went out with her last night, she was in front, with me behind, sitting close to white line so people dont take the micky and try and overtake at stupid moments.

a car comes right up behind me, is there for a while, then starts getting closer to me, with a few ft.

i touched the brake, to let him see we werent going faster (we werent exactly going slow) and as we were staggered he could see emma in front, with L plates

He then overtakes me, starts swerving intowards her, gets in front and starts hitting brakes in front of her!

i went, umm, kinda mad, nailed it past her, within about a foot of him, beeping horn, flashing lights doing every gesture possible with one hand, and basically putting myself in between the car and emma…

he eventually then just went off, and i ushered her home, but i was absolutely livid!

people just dont have a f******g chance on the roads to learn, and this guy didnt even look like he had a licence himself!

Ive never came so close to kicking someones door in whilst riding !

I’m surprised you resisted, but I suppose you are quite vulnerable to a asshalf in a transit.

This has happened so many times when I have been out with Karen when she was learning and even now she has passed too!

World is full of c***s. Remember wing mirrors, it hightens their perception of bikers when you “accidently” punch them off.

He is obviously a total to$$er, because any good driver would have dealt with two motorcyclists in front in a completly safe and positive manner.

They don’t even consider the damage or injuries they could cause by putting people in these situations.

Personally, I feel that anyone who is willing to put any other road user in danger by using their vehicle as a weapon deserves to be dragged out of it and given a good kickin’.

I hope this hasn’t detered your girlfriend from riding.

was soo weird though, cause usually id just bang past like a bat out of hell to get out of situation, only this time i had to actually go in, and be prepared for coming off!

I agree, some people do need a f******g good kicking, in fact i thought about making some nice wee brackets on side of bike to strap on a baseball bat!!

Fortunately, my gal didnt really reallise what was going on entirely, she more put off from riding after stalling in the middle of a main roundabout over North Circular!!

Shes very disapointed, cause the traffic and the aseholes on the road have taken all the enjoyment out of riding, and shes terrified of riding it round Walthamstow/Ilford!

Bar stewards, used to get the same when Jo was learning to ride and drive.

It can also have the effect of making them more anti bike, perhaps leading to incidents as described… Not that i’ve ever removed a mirror with my boot

dont let it put her off, i personally would have taken the wing mirror off

Very annoying and now I have passed and am a bit braver, I have aided Tel in reminding them (in a polite way of course, yeah right!) of the highway code!
When I was training-me, one other and the instructor all donned in our hi vis, warning plates everywhere etc,were actually cut up by an AA instructor-absolutely gob smacked!
Goes to show how some fellow road users, including so called professionals really appreciate our position.
Compulsory CBT for all might be a step forward?

i thought cbt was compulsory?

agree with you there, they should do a compulusary cbt before being allowed to take their test on a road to see how vunerable us bikers are,

oops soz, meant all road users, just to get a feel for what its like out there
Please dont be put off Emma-so easy done by these people I know but keep working at it

ohhh, i agree, if everyone had a day on a moped in london i reckon itd change allot of attitudes

unfortunately, its never gona happen

I have had few problems like this myself. My mrs is at the moment trying to build up her confidence, but there are so many tw$ts out there new riders just don’t have a chance.

I always ride behind Julie to keep traffic back, but on one occasion she asked that I ride infront so that she could follow my lines. The obvious happened some little twirp in his nova got right up behind her, she got a bit nervous of him looked in the mirrors a bit too long and lost it round a corner and came off.

Luckily she was not going to fast and only really dented her pride, the kiddie in the nova stopped up the road and came walking back smiling like it was some big joke. I wont tell you what happened but he was not smiling afterwards.

Car/van drivers are so cocooned in there own little cage they should should give people a chance they are in such a fekin hurry.


maybe lb could organise a huge ride through london to let people see that we aint a minority and to try and raise the profile of awareness and vulnerability of bikers

Im sure the biking mags would love the idea, mcn definately would

could charge a few quid per bike, and donate it to the air ambulance!

you heard it here first!

who knows, we might even get the backing of the Department of Transport- considering theyre add campaign is all about looking out for bikers

i drive a vecile ranging from 7.5ton to 18ton and when im driving my eyes are always on the look out for bikes if i can let them pass i will or move over i will. ill always wave them on iff it clear for them to pass

good on ya but who would we get to organise this

it is but when your learning to drive a car you dont have to do one that why they should do their cbt before they take a car test