K7 or K8 Gixer 750

Hello folks,
Some may know me as the guy who had his new 08 Gixer 750 nicked last week.
I made quite an entry to LB and was very happy with the friendliness of this community. So thanks to all for your kind words and plans to catch these types of feckers!

So, still no news but I have a PC who owes me a favour, I’ll wait to see if anything comes about my beauty.

Onward looking and all that I am now thinking if my bike does not turn up what would I get next. I can if lucky get the same grey and silver one for probably about the same mileage, that would be great to keep on biking in the same style and bike a K7 750 with tracker fitted already.

BUT then again should I splash a little more cash for the K8 750 model and still have a brand new bike and model. This cash would be credit (debt) as opposed having it stuffed under my pillow.

My Gixer K7 Limited edition. Grey and silver. Maybe K8 Red and Black limited edition or Black with mods…

What are your thoughts on the K7 - K8 Gixer. I will not be looking at other bikes just these two.
Cheers! :stuck_out_tongue:

The size of these pictures does not reflect the preference of the colour schemes. :hehe:



Like the orange colour scheme…but the silver one was the best.

I would save the cash and get a K4 and spend the rest on trackdays, but then that is me… :slight_smile:

I like wigglemewilly’s white 750 K8, its a special paint scheme meant for 600’s i think but very shexy;)