K6 GSXR- on-board video

15mins of sunday morning tyre warming!


hope you like it!

Hello mate! I have moved your video to the Pictures and Videos area of the site and repaired the link that wasnt working. Hope you don’t mind?

Looks like a good blast and you had loats of fun!

Make sure you do less compression next time – image quality is abysmal…

Quality not good but if you make the screen size a lot smaller things improve somewhat.

was that a camera phone?

great vid mate…makes me feel as if i was on my k6…lol…did’nt want to take my eye’s of the road…imao…

is it a 7 fiddy you got?..


Looks like you two had a blast panobo where was that, nice quite bendy roads no spped camera’s mmm

Cheers for the coments- the footage was using a digi camera with video feature- 1st try!! low res due to a lack of memory… can do on hi res if I can clip 2 mins off the total time… humm faster, faster.

The bike you are on ( and hear) is a K6 GSXR600- bog standard, run-in and 1st service.

The bike infront is me on a '99 R6 ( tweaked by my own fair hand and set-up on PDQ dyno)

The road looks good and twisty, but can be lethal- cars stop on blind bends, pheasants compete to hit your front wheel, plus tractors, cow and horse poo! But can I stop riding it? ( well yes at this moment- cos I’m sat here with a broken foot!)

Our next feature will be the CBR challenge…who can do the run on M’ladys CBR125, in the fastest time!!! ( just don’t tell her!)