K5 GSX-R 1000 Suspension Upgrade

Jay I can’t afford Ohlins and I don’t need that level of quality :smiley:

Ok, I’ve seen these Bitubo fork internals kits on ebay and was just wondering what you guys thought of them.


I just want a plusher ride out of my bike…I’m not looking at shaving lap times because I doubt I can push stock suspension (haven’t taken my GSX-R on track yet).

It’s just the ride quality of the GSX-R seems a lot harsher than my 04 R1 and I’ve tried adjusting the front and rear suspension. I hear this a common trait of the K5 as the Kayaba forks are a bit crude apparently.

they are the dogs danglies of full on fork cartridges dude.

way overkill for improving the performance and comfort on road or track unless you are keen to shave tenths off lap times.

best thing to do would be get on to Darren @ MCT suspension who can rework the internals on your current legs to a very high standard - for a fraction of the cost.

Good enough to compete in a national championship if you wanted but also you can get him to set it up exactly for purpose.

Say Seb says he comes highly reccomended


well… i too have been adjusting my suspension and im yet to find the sweet spot…one click here…2 clicks there…i want the perfect handling for myself…but i think the arse needs to be up in the air for me to really get what i want…sebs the man you wanna listen too…go with his suggestion…;).


Thanks Seb.

Spoke to a guy at KTech and he couldn’t be arsed and just wanted me off the phone quick…Maybe because I’m not a racer :rolleyes:

Will try Mc Technics

Just spoke to Darren at MCT.

He reckons £185 will get a new set of springs, some new oil and that will make a huge difference.

Sounds good.

Sounds like a good price dude.

He’ll get it set up great :cool:

Bleh :slight_smile:

My track bike is going for the same thing when I get back from Spain, he said news shims might help too and it’s not much more. The rear shock is going to get new oil and a spring too. All very reasonable and not a mention of Ohlins anywhere :slight_smile:

It’s all about the bling :slight_smile:

It is when someones on your salary :wink:

Money will come my way eventually and I’ll be getting that RSV4 for track use :smiley:

Have you still got the 750 as a track bike?

Be interested to hear about the results.

Oh yeah, I’m made of money eh Eugene. I’ve got a golden toilet bowl as well now!

No gold stuff for the 750!