K5 Frenzy

Last night I decided to put my damaged K5 up for sale and see if I could make some money off it if I bought it back of the insurance. Except for the bent subframe, all the damage is cosmetic. I thought I would take a chance and stick it up for £4k. A single ad went up on a racers forum at about 11pm last night. When I woke up, 2 people had made contact. There are now 5 people who want it. Wish I hadn’t accepted the first guys offer (he’s coming to pick it up tomorrow without even seeing pics) - should have put it on ebay!

Jay - if you ever go down (touching wood… no, not that kind of wood), you won’t hurt for people who’ll bite your hand off for the damaged bike.

(touching wood… no, not that kind of wood)

What are you saying man!!! I’m the one who buys bits for bent bikes, not visa versa! Yes, sounds like you could have got more. Got a bar-end?

Left or right?

I’ll ask him if he’s going to use them.

He’ll probably stick race clipons on, so no. Let me know, thanks mate!

Just found out that my bike is going to race against Shakey Byrne next year The chap who’s buying it, is racing in Superstocks next year - I assume they will still share the grid.

I know he’s had a dissappointing year, but I expect he’ll get a better ride than superstocks next year!


They share the grid, but at different times At least it’s going to a good home mate! Would be good to follow it, hehe.

Fridayman, who are you selling it to in Superstock? I know most of those guys.

Chap’s name is Mike. He is running a K4 in the Powerbike series this year (think he said they are running 3rd), moving to a K5 in Superstocks next year.